Time Magazine Names Mark Zuckerberg 'Person of the Year'



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...the little brat won, you lost.

Deal with it.



Who is this guy?  I know he has something to do with Facebook right? Oh wait, I dont have a facebook and dont care.  I have a life and don't need to share it with people I don't care about.  Facebook=weak.



Well that make two people I know of who dropped out of Harvard to become billionaires. Maybe I should try to get in and drop out?



What a joke! And a bad one at that. If Mark is the 'best' America has to offer than we are in very deep sh_t.


I Jedi

For what is he being nominated for? Hell, let's look at MySpace, shall we? They, too, connected millions of people around the world for the same idea of making friends and sharing ideas. Not too wild of a concept that Facebook already has, is it? I certainly don't see the creator of MySpace being nominated as Time's Person of the Year.

I can think of many of organizations/people much more deserving than a man who created Facebook in 2005.Hell, just look at what these folks have done.

Twitter - With Iranian people able to communicate ideas, rallies, and events for awhile on the small blogging network

Julian Assange - A well hated or well liked man, depending how you stand on secrecy, has made a world wide impact in revealing classified documents not just from the U.S., but from many other countries as well. He believes in total transparency from governments at all times.

Glenn Beck - A man well liked by most conservatives and hated by the majority of liberals. Glenn represents an idealist, who believes in going back to a much more conservative time in American history, and following the Constitution to the letter. Glenn has managed to become a huge political voice in the American way of life.

Now, do I want any of these selections I show to be Time's Person of the Year, not exactly. I'm just trying to point out that there are many people/organizations, besides just the one's listed above, who have had a substantial impact on the way people think, communicate and share ideas. Hell, let's look at Bill Gates, for crying out loud! This man is part of the reason Zuckerberg is giving away half of his money.



Don't read too much into it. It's not an award for the quality of the person it's just a nod to the person being newsworthy. Remember last year the person of the year was "you" which was really stupid.



No the award for the person that most impacted the world; which is why Hitler, Stalin, and the Ayatollah have all won it before. Seriously this fuck isn't even known outside the U.S. really because no one uses facebook but america.



It would be our cultures worship of youth.

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