Tilera Announces 100-Core CPU for Data Centers



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It will run cyrsis:


Just as soon as Crysis moves to the "cloud".  After all, that's what this chip is built for.  ...And, the chip won't care what's running on it, regardless of the O/S or hardware platform your using.  You just need to setup something like OnLine Live! (or whatever it was called) to get in the game. ;)   ..'Cause you'll still need video compression.

Maybe a nice distributed computing project awaits with the addition of open standards for the ATI gpu.




Telling people not to ask about Crysis is just encouraging them more.



"While the 100-core part is not meant to run Crysis (so please don't ask) or any other desktop application"




Reading fail. 



 so will it run Windows (and crysis with a good GPU) or is there no way to install it inthe desktop sector

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Its not an x86 processor therefore windows has not been designed to run on it and so no games can run on it. (though there is probably definitely linux for it and that could play linux games i think, wine wouldn't work so dont say it).


Comic Book Guy

So, will it run Crysis..?! :P

Comic Book Guy

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