Thunderbird 3 Now Available as a Stable Build



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Love the TB3 as whole, but forced stuck with TB2 until "Lightning" extension supports by TB3...



I switched to GMail several months ago, not wanting to use bloated Outlook on my home computer.  But were it not for one  unique feature that Outlook does and Thunderbird doesn't do, I would totally use the hell out of Thunderbird.  It's the way Outlook displays message info in the message pane when using the vertical reading pane layout.  When you shrink the message pane enough it stacks the sender, subject, date, etc. on multiple lines.  Thunderbird just shrinks the columns and keeps them on the same row, rendering that information illegible unless you constantly resize the reading pane.  It's maddening!  That's the one and only feature I wish they would add to Thunderbird.

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