Threat Update: Spam and Phishing Out, Trojans and Scareware In



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When searching for an antispyware scanner that will protect and clean your PC it can get a little confusing. There are so many available it’s hard to know which one will work the best. If you’re like me, you’ve probably tried a variety of them all and found they basically all find the same types of bugs. Through my experimenting I’ve found that the antispyware solution from Search-and-destroy at ( works the best. Search-and-destroy Antispyware cleans and protects my computer just as good as any scanner, it gets rid of those nasty bugs and it does it all for less than many of the others available.



Not to downplay that long list of instructions.. but use MalwareBytes.  I've yet to see a version of AntiVirus XP or any of it's variants escape removal from the program.  It'll remove the infection in real time, without needing to reboot after any step.

And it runs just fine in safe mode should your OS be compromised in normal mode.



Good tip on exterminating Antivirus XP. Note the use of bogus wallpaper as part of the software.


It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.



first thing you do is go the task manager and close down this program.

Uncheck --- lphc35dj0e1an
Uncheck ---rhc75dj0e1an

Once you do that, REBOOT and  go to the folder it is in and delete it.

this is the folder.

C:\program files\rhc75dj0e1an

Find this folder in your windows 32 dir and get rid of it.


Now once that is done, do a search for XP anti virus and delete everything that comes up. Also download CCleaner and run it several times.

Now to get the crap off your desktop saying there are viruses found you are going to have to go the this place also through the run box

Here is what you need to do.

To restore ability to change your desktop settings and select a different wallpaper and screen saver do the following:

Start, run

type Gpedit.msc

Navigate to User configuration, Administrative Templates, Control Panel, Display

Right click on Remove Display in Control Panel
Click on Properties and select Disabled

Do the same steps to change the following attributes to disabled:

Hide Desktop Tab
Prevent changing wallpaper
Hide Apperance and Themes tab
Hide Settings tab
Hide Screen Saver tab

You should now be able to use your computer normally and change the wallpaper to something other than the warning message Antivirus XP 2008 set it to.

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