THQ Lashes Out at Used Game Buyers



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 I by used games and I will continue to buy used games, thats all I can afford. If I need to pay for extra content because I bought it used, well then fine. But you do not have to be an azz-clown about it.



I hear General Motors' 2012 models will have a provision where when resold, they can no longer be driven on limited access highways.

Also, THQ had been established (1989), grown and operated entirely within a time period where games have been resold then at Funcoland, Babbages and the like up to Gamestop and others now.  They made their name and their nut in that time, so what is so different now that makes game reselling so reprehensible?

Screw you THQ.



Long life Steam. After pricing an add on at $30.00 for barely 4 hours I do not think that THQ can point the fingers at us.


Anyhow, that why I love steam. I do not longer buy any new title in store. It is just a pain. As a matter of fact, for the last 20 years, I bought games only when they hit the gold or platinum status, you know the state when the original game and all the add on are included for less than the price of the original. This keep my money in my pocket and allow me not to pay through the nose for all the "crapyware" game they put out there by spending more money on the marketing than on the development of the game (I am pushing a little bit here.. but you get my point).  In addition, when you buy in the store, it is virtually impossible to get help if you need it. By buying through steam, not only to I have to convenience of playing my games where ever I have a computer and a connection to the net but in addition I have "decent" help when i need it.

Last but not list, those 50% off weeks at steam or the 75% off bundles are just to great to pass. In some occasion, I even purchase a bundle for myself and one as a gift for my brother without even hesitating. By the way THQ that how I offer the THQ bundle to my brother. Without Steam, you will not have had that extra sale and I would probably not have looked at any of your other games.


Moral of all this, stop dumping on your clients, take you behing back into the development room to make game that consumers will want to buy, and price it in a way that consumer will not have to decide between buying the formula for Junior or buying a game.


Most important of all stop wynning, it is un-becoming.





that's fine, i dont ever remember liking a THQ game anyway.



Wasn't Company of Heroes a THQ release?  That's damn fine rts game.

Can't say I'm to happy with any of our premier game developers lately.  Seem to go backwards more than forwards lately.



So I dont really care. However I see where they are coming from and hope it works :)



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...I've ever seen, THQ.  Used game buyers are breaking no laws, and they are increasing interest in your products when they show their friends..."a cool game they just picked up".

The real issue thats hurting, game devs bottom line...isn't used game sales or even piracy.  The main cause is that the New Games being released...just plain s*ck. 

$50 dollars used to buy you 300-400 hours of quality game play, online or get a slapped together retread or sequel 666352996.  Sure some games are better than others, some are not.  NONE are of the quality and length that they were....say 10 years ago.   Oh joy yet another CIV, ooo, Portal 2....both GREAT games by todays standards...but hardly the quality of the games of yesteryear, although in Portal 2's case...points for a mostly plausible reality.

As more and more consumers become 'enlightened' to the internet and/or online/offline gaming....your demographic is changing.  In this economy the average consumer just can not afford to justify a $60 expenditure for MOST of the games being turned out today.

You want to make money selling games?  Sure ya do.  So, just write a game that is:  original, long 'original' play value for the dollar, has a good story and is addicting by allowing the end user to escape his/her reality....convincingly.

For example, I'm sure the latest CIV release is a great game, however, by escapism is immediately destroyed when characters are as tall as the same screen as the buildings  :/  It's also shattered when I'm a cartoon character..US/anime...makes no difference.  Simply trying to immerse myself in a cartoon character and get ANY feelings of nearly impossible...well unless I was 12 or younger.

What the world needs now is....a game that has these characteristics:

Low system requirements, a reality that is believable.  No, I'm NOT a cartoon or an Ogre, I can't fly w/o mechanical aide, nor can my horse! It should also be a seamless online world, multiplayer and believable.

Deep inside all of us, I think we have this desire/hope that maybe one day, we will land in an adventure on this world, or one we can imagine to truly exist....and through the use of our wits, enviornment, learning/training to the day.  It may be a 'rescue the princess'. save the entire world, galaxy, universe or neighborhood, type...but it must be realistic and NOT short in length.  In fact it should be never-ending.  I think a YEARLY subscription...(if you simply need that 3rd yacht)  would be a better choice than monthly, and by subscribing, you get the full monte. 

I have a great imagination, but even so, I cannot imagine that I'm an Ogre even though I can imagine how an Ogre would act, if there was such a creature.  I can imagine piloting a space ship, driving any kind of vehicle, wielding a sword like Conan, being a Ninja, being a scientist, or an assassin, a covert agent, a Rambo (but not a Predator) or even being an Amazon, with effort.  What I can't imagine is being an animal, a cartoon, living in a world that isn't seamless....w/e kind of world it is or a world with no enemies and/or friends.  However you accommplish it....player must be able to communicate and have some form of freinds list.  By the way...guess how many controls I need to fight with a sword.....ONE!  People have 2 arms, 2 legs a head and a body....whatever premise your game revolves around, has to take this into consideration. 

Most game interfaces are insanely over complicated.  Diablo II had/has a great interface and although I hate to admit it...Microsofts Flight and Golf games have great interfaces as well.  Games that NEED 87 controls also NEED an auto pilot mode as well, for those days when ya just want to shoot down fighter planes and still have the full use of your hands, next morning.

Used games or even piracy are not truly hurting your bottom line....your lack of effort in game design, while considering what people will KEEP playing and that they all may not be ambidexterous or have 17 hands and 11 eyes, is what is hurting your bottom line.



I don't think most people get that most media as far as original ideas are pretty much played out.  Movies see the same stories over and over again, I hear supposedly new music that steals the melody of older music with new lyrics and video games have reached the limit of how many different ways you can repackage an fps, rts ot turn based game.  Okay, there was Mirrors Edge but hell they really had to take a leap of faith there and most developers will stick with what sells.

The only real hope I see for this changing in the video game arena is totally destructible terrain, that actually changes game play(rts, and fps) and new controllers that immerse you further into the story or action (mainly fps). By this I mean controllers that look and feel like weapons, lookinig where your aiming rather than scrolling your view with a mouse, and actually moving to get places rather than punching a key to get you there.  Oh and enough server and computer horsepower to do this with several hundred people rather than a few dozen.

Some of these things are on the horizon others well, I've seen Team Fortress reprogrammed for a 3d computer lab where we used a wand and goggles but this was several 100k equpment at the time I got my degree. 

And yes computer piracy hurts their bottom line just like it puts indie game developers out of business.  Just because larger developers can absorb it a little better doesn't mean it hurts any less.  Its the chicken and the egg.  People pirate game prices go up to combat lost profits and to develop stricter DRM which no likes.

Its funny that we put so much emphasis on how pretty something is, ie. develope faster gpu's, when developing better physics in a game would give them a new more immersive feel.

I have way to much time on my hands.



"That's a little blunt but we hope it doesn't disappoint people. We hope people understand that when the game's bought used we get cheated."

Whaa whaa whaa????!!!

Oh, shit, I'm sorry!  Maybe now you know how it feels to pay $49.99 for THQ's newest game, then get it home to find out it sucks a fat donkey.  THAT is getting cheated.  Start making better games and maybe people won't wait till it hits the sales rack, dirtball.

What a bunch of DB's.



At least pirates don't behave like spoiled children, demanding a cut of your wallet.



So basically he is saying buying used is equivalent to piracy... THQ=banned



Does Chevy or Ford visit the used car lots saying you owe me a piece of this because we missed out on a NEW car sale? Come on.

oops, just realized someone said that already. Well... I agree !!! :)



If game companies dont want you to sell games you no longer play, then they should offer to buy them back, then they can sell them at a profit.



PIRATE THQ'S INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY...I am so glad those assholes are pissed while I bust my tail at a dead end job to be price gouged to shit and over charged for a game that isn't even remotely worth the asking price...pardon the harsh language...but do those rich bitch assholes really think that insulting and spitting on their clientele will help their my opinion game makers with this attitude should be boycotted...I will never pay for one of their games again...MUAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA...



Two points,

1) Back in the early 90's the PC game industry got rental and resale of software pretty muich banned, UMMM, gee that really did the industry a world of good didn't it!!


2) Am I ripping ogg authors when I'm at the used book store? How about GM if I buy at Carmax? And lets not even talk about those LOW LIFE SOB's at GOODWILL! Heaven Forbid.


Dumbest smart guys I've ever seen. Of course when you don't know jack about economics, well D.C. right now is a good example of that.



There actually are some very outspoken authors concerning used book stores.



I suppose they won't mind if used game buyers don't care about their game until it drops below MSRP then. With such a rigid pricing structure and and least half the games being of questionable quality, they should expect a certain portion of the population to save money whereever they can.

Give us better games, reward customer loyalty and stop giving in to retailers by keeping downloadable versions' pricing in line with physical copies at retail and we might just feel like supporting you as much as we can.

Their beef should be with the retailers who while serving as middlemen manage to screw over both of the other sides of the equation.



They're just upset cause i got Metro 2033, and like 20 other games off of steam for only $59.99 lol...losers.



I'm not understanding this approach. If you limit the purchasable dlc's then aren't you preventing profiting off that purchase? So, if someone buys a used game (no profit for company) and wants to buy dlc (profit for company), then they are out of luck? About the time dlc's add up to profit is there really any profit left in the original game sales? 


This is why I buy through Steam, and usually wait for a Steam mega pack or a Steam half off weekend. It costs a little more than used and takes a little longer to happen but it happens. 


PC games and Steam FTW



And people wonder why piracy is on the rise.



"...We hope people understand that when the game's bought used we get cheated."

Nonsense. When people may buy games used they may have no other choice but to buy it used (since there is no "new" copies". Regardless, I still don't see how game companies don't get some kind of profit of what of their used game copies.

I am one to buy my games new (I do buy used). Some folks don't feel they need to fork over as much money on a particular game new when they could get the near-same content buying it used. Now adays all it seems to be is how much we can profit off of a game. Unlike the old-days where it was less about money, and more about making a game that people will enjoy to play.



That game creators were always out for money. I know ET was case and point along with the other crapful of video games that came out before Nintendo saved gaming from the gaming crash. What I was saying is that I hear more about game creators wanting money as opposed to making a game will enjoy (not neccessary implying anything about money while the creator talks about it). This is why I say "less about making money" not "Not care about making money" at all. Let's face it, making a game a gamer will enjoy is good and all, but you need the funds to back it up (hence no Megaman Legends 3 xD).

In this case, I think THQ is just BAWWWING about the way games are purchased, and that not everyone will spend the extra money for a "new game". A used one is just a game that isn't in mint (I've even see new games not in mint condition) condition.



I'm cheapest among the cheapskates... but I'd rather own a new game over a $1-3 cheaper used.  Now $30 is a different story.  I don't really think these 'next week used game sales' are what he's crying about.



Without Gamestop all that would happen would be that Gamefly's business would go through the roof. People simply don't have enough money, in this economy, to commit $60 to a game they aren't sure they will like. However, with a Gamestop membership you are gambling a lot less both purchasing a game you aren't sure of new (knowing you can sell it and get something back), or simply buy it used from the get go. If it's a great game, and you want DLC content then you can sell the game back to Gamestop and buy a new copy, and that's what a lot of people do. Idiots.



Ummm....these guys clearly can't look at it from the consumer's perspective. They're claiming that they're losing sales when the person who bought it new is selling their copies used? Yes, that's true. But I'm sure MOST people who are willing to fork the $60 for a new copy are only willing to fork that kind of money because they are PLANNING on selling their copy once they're done playing the game to recoup some of that $60 back! Am I right? If there was some sort of law that states gamers can't sell their games, I'm sure that game sales would drop SIGNIFICATNLY! I never buy digital copies because I know I can't recoup some of my hard-earned money back.



Greedy little game devs eh is that all corporations stand for is pure unadultrated GREED. Big whoop at least things are being reused - recycled, instead of just filling up landfills. Corporations would rather poor children go naked than have older children pass down their no longer fitting clothes.  Corporations figure oh there here on earth for one lifetime, so might as well get as rich as possible so everyone else can suffer. Cause when you die... none of that is gona matter, you can't take your bazillion dollars to your next life.


Greed isn't power. Greed is selfishness.



When I sold my Fridge and Stove to my neighbour for $50 was I cheating General Electric and white westinghouse???

When I donated shoes to Haiti was I cheating Nike and Adidas?

When I sold my NES for $5 was I cheating nintendo?

When my cousin sold his PS2 was he cheating Sony?

When I give a friend a ride to work am I cheating the Bus service or the gas station?

When I drink filtered rain water am I cheating Fiji or the water company?





a game is basically like a movie. you watch it once, and you are pretty much done. where as stoves and fridge are used over and over. so it's not likely for a stove to go around the market 10 times, but it may very well happen to a copy of game. there is nothing wrong with what he is saying. a new copy of the game recieve online feature, and a used copy don't. it's kinda like the warrenty doens't carry over to the 2nd hand owner. i am sure in the fine print it says they are not required to provide online serivce to game owners, which you agreed to when buying the game. why do you think DVD come out 3 month after movie release? the DVD gonna be passed around 30 times during it's lifetime if it come out the same time as movie.



Sigh... another jackass developer who just doesn't have a clue. Doesn't this idiot realize that if the used game market disappeared their sales would go way DOWN, not up???



But this asshat has me thinking otherwise. If I am going to be treated like a criminal for engaging in a lawful activity, that is recognized by EVERY OTHER INDUSTRY, maybe I should bypass spending my money to do it. If anything, secondary markets like Gamestop would actually help drive up sales of new releases as those who have finished their play through or are otherwise done with the game trade the old one in for something shiny and new. This to me resembles trade in system that most every car dealership uses. Maybe THQ is upset that the government didn't run a cash for clunkers program for their crap games! Maybe they shouldn't charge $30 for a Company of Heroes (Tales of Valor) addon! Or maybe they just don't want our money at all. No more THQ games for me.



No pirating in my future, I only buy games one way now, %50 off or greater on Steam. I just don't like being treated like a criminal.



I by used games because they are cheaper. I can't afford new game I am on a very fixed income and can't do $50 games much to not at all. Plus I can't update the games eaither.



I don't do a lot of commenting, but this one sucked me in.

I don't feel like an ass when I buy an old Lazy Boy at a garage sale. Nor do I receive hate mail from Lazy Boy for "cheating" them out of the sale. I do not see product manufacturers hanging out in front of Pawn Shops with picket signs because of the money they're losing.

This is absurd. Digital media is no different than any other product purchase, except that it can be easily "copied". As long as I don't keep a copy for myself AND sell off the original media, I fail to see how I, as a consumer, am cheating anyone. It's my property and I should be allowed to do with it what I please once I'm done with it.



If Ledesma thinks they get cheated, how do you think we feel when we can't resell what we legally bought.

Just another reason an honest consumer like me doesn't want anything to do with all these new methods to extract my hard-earned dollars from my wallet.

I don't frequent used games stores or pirate content, but I don't wanna 'buy' anything from you if I don't truly own it. I will say continue to say no to games that have subscription fees, downloadable content fees, or we-need-more-money-from-the-consumer fees.

Mr. Ledesma, go pound sand--I don't want your product.



Yea sure.  And i bet these guys never buy anything used. Not cars or houses... anything off ebay or craiglist.. because they would also be cheating THOSE manufacturers.


THQ, maybe the reason why people buy used games is becausetp they dont have the budget for 60 bux a pop.. or its because you games arent WORTH that much money.. make better games.  i know was buying used THQ games because i wasnt going to pay full price for HALF-assed work


i know now i wont ever buy a THQ game at all.



F*CK OFF. Stop charging $50-$60 for new games and no one will rent/copy/trade/pirate them. Things are only viable as used items when their new prices are FREAKING EXORBITANT.

The key to success in the digital media revolution is to price your products and services appropriately or get pirated to death. Apple went from a FAILED computer company to the most important tech company in the world in less than 10 years thanks to $0.99 mp3 files and a nifty gizmo for them.




whens the last time they had a good tittle release? THQ Can suck it!



This is an odd premise.  If someone buys a game and plays through it once and never picks it up again such that it sits on a shelf, is that ideal for a game developer?  What if another person plays through the game 5 times?  Is that bad?  What if the first person sold the game -- essentially selling his right to play the game again to someone else?  How is that logically any different?  It's the same number of people playing at any given time.

Another school of thought is that game developers are selling licenses to play their games rather than a media-licence package where the license goes wherever the media is.  Only the PC platform has the ability to utilize the pure-license model -- most recent example being Starcraft 2 where your license is associated with your account and media is free.

So who's at fault here?  I say THQ because they chose the media-license distribution model.  Also the console market itself is somewhat at fault for only allowing the media-license model to exist on the platform.

I think the best of both worlds would be to use the pure-license model with a surcharge for license transfers (through steam or or whatever).  It's a fair compromise that rewards developers for their efforts while allowing license holders to recover costs for licenses they no longer need/want.  THQ is being very closed-minded, greedy and unimaginative with their comments.

Currently there is no system I know of in existence that allows license transfers (not Steam, not, not xbox live, not psn).  Seems like an opportunity...



I agree with you mostly. I have not problem with purchasing a license (which you do when you purchase software like MS Office) and paying something like $10 if I were to buy a used game to activate online game features. I understand where THQ is coming from, as this is lost revenue for them and other developers, if the used game market did not exist. But I also understand the point of view from the gamers as well, paying $60 is is robbery. I can think of only three titles that I have run out and purchased on release, both Bioshock titles and Red Dead Redemption, all other games I have purchased used for my 360. The game consoles have killed the day of $25 games, as  that is what caused the prices to skyrocket to their current price. If they dropped teh price to $30 or 35 I would buy new every time, but not at $60, I will buy used at Blockbuster or Microcenter before I buy new, or wait 6 months for the price to drop.



Your point is taken, but it's important to note that inflation is out of control.  According to the inflation calculator here (, a $50 game in 2000 would cost you $61 now.  That's pretty significant -- even though $50 is still beyond your financial comfort zone.

You're probably on the "cheap" side of things (no offense).  You get a good 20 or more hours out of most games (good high-quality entertainment out of a good game like Mass Effect too).  You get 2 hours out of a movie that you pay $10 for a ticket or $20 for a DVD.  $60 for a game is not unreasonable in my opinion.  Games today usually have as many if not more people working on them than movies do -- and most of the time take longer to produce.  Modern games take 3-5 years.  Modern movies take 1-3.

Games and movies -- these are expensive hobbies.  There's no doubt about that.  There's always books...

With that being said, I have no sympathy for THQ.  If they want to make money on license transfer fees, they should come up with a new distribution method.  Blizzard sure has, but they are hard-nosed and don't offer license transfers <em>at all</em>.  So they completely screwed the consumer there (but they make amazing games so I give them a pass.  I got my money's worth.)



Game Over THQ.  I'm not buying any of your products anymore.  I've been a loyal customer who has bought your titles new.  However, this kind of attitude is reprehensible and anti-consumer. 



This is a shining example of why I am always first in line to pick up every new THQ title to hit the shelf before anyone else.


Actually, it's a shining example of why I will never buy another THQ title again, used OR new.





The attitudes that these game developers are showing towards the population they cater to, is going to come back and bite them in the ass hard one day!



Used books, movies, cars, clothes.

Add in special features for web access and leave it at that.  There is no need to declare the software industry victim in this case.  They are not being cheated unless copies are being made and sold which I dont think Gamestop is doing.  Only originals are being sold.

Some might buy the software at full price if they couldnt find it used.  But some that bought at full price might not buy new if it had no value once they had finished it either.



When you buy an used car, do you need to pay the car company or the car dealer to get all the car's options? That make no sense at all...



     Used games are taking his capital?  What about used cars?  If used cars weren't available then we'd all have to buy new cars whenever our old car was no longer useable.  Therefore used car dealerships and used car owners are scum.  Maybe they should remove features from used cars to make it fair?  Only allow the radio to save 1 channel until you pay for DLC?

     This agruement is complete crap.  This guy can take his greed and shove it.

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