THQ Being Tempted Back to Dark Side, Considering Games for Windows Again



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Screw Valve and MS both... Gone are the days when you actually owned the game you spent $50 to play... Now we are just catering to an expensive rental market... You are 'renting' the rights to play the game, no longer does owning the physical media hold any grounds...

This nonsense of having to connect to the internet to play a single-player game is only going to encourage piracy further... Yet these companies continue shelling out their confidence and hard-earned $$$ to the likes of Securom... Really? I ask who is the bigger crook here, the guys pirating software or the companies like Securom and Ubisoft with their DRM-laden garbage?

The paying customers get screwed out of a product they paid for, the rich get richer and the pirates get more ambitious... PC gaming is truly caught in a downward spiral...



You DO KNOW that once you download a Steam game, you can play it in Offline Mode any time you want, right? As long as it is a fully-functioning single player game, that is. Mass Effect 2 is a great example of one I play in Offline Mode, and it works perfectly fine. So, read up a little bit, and learn to use the tech right, before you start bitching about it.




THQ core games boss Danny Bilson told Shacknews. “I like both platforms and I really, really, really like Microsoft as a partner. They're fantastic partners. I want to respect them.<snip>...but again, I have incredible respect for Microsoft and they're really fantastic partners." 



Read: Microsoft is offering us a crapload of cash to come back on their system, and I'm having a hard time saying no to that.



Translation: you have sex with Microsoft, but you marry Valve...



Games for Windows Live sux
Every game i got from steam and retail CD with GFWL has been hell to run …
GFW update bugs like in bioshock 2



The last game I played to use Windows Live also had Securom on it, which was just insulting. It'd be nice if these services did something useful, like saving your configuration and saved game files in the cloud. Honestly, I don't have a need for another service besides Steam.



While I hate MS with a passion for what it did to PC gaming (the ultimate betrayal thing, XBOX) I have a few games that uses GFWL and I don't see why people take so much issue against it. I log-in just like steam and I play my game.

So I'm confused. Why the hate other than Steam fanboys just trolling on it? Looking for an legit reason and I'd gladly jump on the hatewagon. ;)



I sort of liked Games for Windows, but thought it needed some fixing, guess I see what it could do.  I love steam for buying games off of.  I could see GFWL as an add on layer/service.  I like having my xbox profile and PC game info under one.  I really like being able to play on the PC against xbox players (but I think they took that away because xbox gamers got owned all the time).  

But to beat out steam that's a tough one.  I wonder if GFWL will have some sort of add on for the win 7 phones?



Why doesn't Microsoft leave the gaming side of Windows to people who actually know WTF they are doing (VALVE)



I'd rather use Steam than Games for Windows Live.



Once again it comes down to money.



While I, personally, would never take such a position, because I am so very cultured :) but the gaming community at large very much sees GFWL as the pariah of the online gaming world and they will not hesitate to inundate Mr. Bilson's inbox with incentives to rethink his crazy vacillations.

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