THQ Asks Players to Pay for DLC Before It's Even Out



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DLC was never that great an idea to begin with, in terms of how 'micro-transactions' were never micro. Now, it's just getting worse and worse, especially for console gamers, with tiny offerings the norm. Fallout 3 being a rare exception.



Jason @ Approaching Women



All the game publishers are trying so hard to stop the second had market, but are forgetting why used games are so popular.  Price.  I cant afford to spend 50+ dollars on every game that comes out that I like.  So I wait for it to get widly circulated at the used game stores, then go and buy the game at a price I can afford.  So my advice to thes game publishers it to make this crap more affordable, then maybe more people with buy it new.



I've learned after purchasing a few different "deluxe" games that if the game turns out to be bad, the bonus content isn't worth it. I don't purchase bonus content, I'd prefer to buy an expansion pack.


Ha ha ha haaa! I mean seriously, how much more are we supposed to pay for what turns out to be mostly crap anyways? Here's an idea, why not make a game that doesnt make poeple wish they hadn't spent the money on it and take it in to a game store to be purchased used by someone else in the first place? You greedy bastards make and play video games for a living?! How much more money do you need to make?



Only someone dumb enough to buy a wrasslin' game to begin with would pony up cash for sight-unseen content.



Exactly, and THQ knows that!



I'm pretty sure that the kind of people who get turned on by WWE vs. RAW aren't allowed to have credit cards, so that could make the whole paid membership thing a little tough. Now, if they let you trade in a rusty truck or a broken lawn chair for "full future access", then this might just work.

DLC is, by and large, not very good.  There have been a few exceptions (like about half of the Fallout 3 DLC was worth the price), but a lot more flops.  Considering that we are already expected to shell out 40-50 bucks for half-baked 'finished but needs a little patching' games now, what makes THQ think we'd want to increase that pricetag by 20-25% for DLC of unknown quality and quantity? If I want to play the lotto I'll head on down to the corner store.

Dear THQ: I would pay 20-25% more for consistently good games that don't need 3 weeks of patching to work properly.  I would pay more for consistent quality in game conception, design and implementation.  I won't pay more for more junk tossed together and labeled as a game.  If you are having trouble with your business model, I suggest you call Valve and ask for advice... they seem to have their shit together, and unlike you guys, haven't tossed out 10 new ideas for screwing over their paying customers in the past 6 months. Oh, btw, I am a paying gamer who buys at least a game a month, and I never pirate, so I am your market.

Ok, rant over.



This.  Biceps, you hit the nail on the head, although your idea of stating that only children beleive that wrestling is cool, dare I say it - real, is a little off.  Not that I am a fan of it by any means, there is a reason why wrestling is still popular.  I dont know what that reason is really, but if you turn your tv on, you will see that wrestling is on networks like USA and I think TNT, at prime time spots... three or more times a week. Not to mention the PPV events.  I DO remember hearing that wrestle mania 20 (I think this was held at Investco Field) had only 75,000 people in attendance (this is still not including the millions of people who paid for the PPV). 

Again not a fan, but, there IS a market for this, and it isn't as small as you think.



This game won't even be around for the first "update" much less enough to make the extra dough worthwhile.  What a complete rip off.  Of course, this is "professional" wrestling, so....

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