Thousands of Hurt Locker P2P Lawsuits Dropped



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They're being dropped because of litigation costs or settlements.



Lawsuits should not be possessive



Wow. We're awake now. Thanks for the heads up on that.



Write on, brother (see what I did there?)

I'm not sure when apostrophe-s became the go-to thing when boys and girls of the internet wish to pluralize a word but if left unchecked, a hundred years from now every word that ends in 's' will have an apostrophe before it.  Additionally, 'your' will mean both the possessive as well as 'you are.'

Fight the moron, MaxPC.  Fight it!!



Normally I don't like to be a grammar nazi, but friend's Facebook status is one thing, headlines on a respectable news website are another



I'll be waiting for the other 2300 of them to be dropped within the next few years.  There are two outspoken sides on the piracy argument both of which make good points, so it's hard to take a side here.



Not hard for me... I never want to hear the labels "Big Oil", "Big Pharmaceuticals" from the media or politicians or pundits, unless we can also start using terms like "Big Hollywood", "Big Music", "Big Eco Green" and most important - "Big Media". They need to stop pretending they're some little victim. These are huge, mega corporations worth 100's of millions and billions in assets going after little people under the guise of "lost revenue" and "intellectual property" but in reality to make absolute examples of them. It's nothing more than corporate thuggery on the same level as caught cheating in a casino and taken into the "back room".

At least in the case of oil and pharmaceuticals they produce something that we definitely need in our lives. The Big Media?... meh, not so much.

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