Those ChromeBooks? People Are Buying Them



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My school just got our order of 30 in today. 1 to 1 computers in 5th grade now.



This is perfect for some people I know who only use computers at work and the only thing they can invision using a personal computer for is the internet.



Lots of people bought the "Arch Deluxe" when it first came out too...



Not that it is Chrome by itself, but combine it with WiFi; and it will be interested to see exactly how much information is intercepted and falls into the wrong hands. Also consider what happens when one doesn't have access to the internet, or when access is limited.

Also one has to consider the imposed communications limits that one might find with a majority of the plans out there. Yes these devices have the size and weight factors on their side, but I'll give up those trivial issues for functionality and security.

There's more than one state such as West Virginia of all places where a (*vast*) majority of the state only has dial up; sad but true. To make matter even more interesting; have fun getting ANY mobile signal outside of the so called major cities there.

To conclude, these devices are off to an interesting start, but also this particular technology has a significantly long way to go yet.



I just don't get it...paying full price for a dumbed down laptop...very limited utility and about as proprietary as you could possibly get.Google OS is a linux based OS and from the downloads I have tried no where near as polished or versatile as the better "free" linux distros out there.



I don't understand the appeal. Get any notebook for that price, and you can do so much more. Not to mention if Chrome updates happen the same way android does (it being left to the manufacturers to supply them) updates will come slowly, and with a newly released product they are sure to be needed. 

I am also not a fan of them not being able to be dual-booted. If they had that option, just the option would be nice. Then you could run windows, linux, even OSX on some of these, and open chrome browser and get all the same stuff anyway. 

For $199 and dual-bootable, this would be a good deal, but having it costing more and doing less, I will let this pass.



I think Chrome OS is terrible because everything is done in the cloud.  I try to stay away from the cloud as much as possible, so I won't be buying one of these anytime soon.



yeah, the cloud is bad. Not really super bad, I do some stuff on the cloud, but I prefer actually having the copy/program on me regardless of internet.


Also considering this actually is selling, anyone starting to think Google might become another Apple?

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