This is No Joke: Conficker.C to Strike on April Fools' Day



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This isnt funny to go on and steal peoples personal data. Watch the 60 minutes episode about this, its a real problem and needs to be dealt with quickly



Locks file access? Adobe already does a pretty good job of that when you try to clean up an old drive.



We did this to ourselves.  We can't blame Microsoft for this one.  Microsoft literally gave us the patch to stop this sorta thing in OCTOBER PEOPLE!! I don't know where, but some place said that 30% of Windows computers don't have a patch from 5 months ago.  Schools, businesses, and other places are more concerned about profit rather than the security of the people that use the computers.  I'm in a school district where if someone put a thumbdrive in with Conficker, the whole network would be set on fire.  This is why people should do their updates.  If you're too lazy, have Windows do it for you.  Conficker got this bad because we don't update as often as we should.  But 5 months behind is a little too much.  Microsoft even tells you when to put the patches on; the second Tuesday of every month.  1 day of the month is all they ask unless it's something important and because we are and always have been lazy at updates, this is exactly why it's the computer user's fault for their computers acting like crap.  That's the new focus of viruses; having us infect ourselves and stuff like Conficker, Sasser, SQLSlammer, and (insert next catastrophic virus name we got ourselves into here) is only proving we do this to ourselves.  Social engineering is the new focus and when someone comes to me infected with a virus, I'll say "You did it to yourself."



formatting isnt a fix lol.  for some of us, that isnt an option :-/

 i dont know if this is what my clients PC contracted last week, but it was the worst virus ive ever come across.  was an "iframe" and "netsky" virus, couldnt pin down the exact name.  but it infected every f'ing folder on the hard drive...oh ya, same to the cloned backup drive i had for him too! on top of that it deleted tons of registry and drivers with no ability to reinstall them.  and it dropped the windows validation and needed a re activation within 3 days. 

i think it infected MBR too so i did a /fixmbr /fixboot...ended up having to reinstall.

 mad props to whoever made the virus, it's job security for us IT professionals and pays well :-/




recovery is easy

format and reinstall

@idiots who don't do backups: back up your system!!!


I Jedi

Exhaust all other options before you simply opt to do a reformat. A reformat or clean wipe is the last thing you do if all else fails. Period. I'm not sure, either, but doing a reformat MAY NOT be enough to destroy a nasty worm/virus, such as this one. Any thoughts on that? A clean wipe is always the best idea, and safest, for dealing with these matters if there are no other means to get rid of said virus/worm on your machine. For doing a clean wipe, I recommend using DBAN. Its free and WORKS. Be sure to backup any important data first, as it'll be virtually irrecoverable after using DBAN or other clean wiping programs. 

Practice safe web browsing (Don't visit sites you don't trust.) I recommend Firefox users get no-script addon and WOT. Internet Explorer and Firefox users should also get Haute Secure.

Do regular virus/spyware scans weekly, or if you know you may get infected because you don't practice safe browsing, then daily or every other day.

Finally, as post says above. Be sure to do a constant backup of your important documents/photos/videos. I cannot stress enough how important it is to keep a backup incase your system crashes/gets infected. I recommend backing up your documents regularlly to a FDD/CD and keeping in safe place.  



MAN!!!      it is sad that they wont let the conflicker worm die . seriously its a dumb name for starters and is probly made by some bored employee at a anti-virus Co . for real and the 2 week notice is this thing really that complicated or is the extra money we spend on security products that claim zero-day protection  money wasted ? well i guess we should get ready to do another format and re-install . 



There is no such thing as 0day protection.  To stop 0day, you need to have a good FW policy, and good corporate security (or home security).  To detect it, you're totally dependent upon whoever writes AV and IDS signatures...some vendors are notoriously slow in developing new signatures, although it is rather rough for them, as they have to have network packets of a live exploit so that they can create the new signature.



Sure there is, my 0day protection is me.  I don't have av or anti-spyware or firewall software on my machine at all, and haven't in over 10 years.  I also never, ever get infected.  And I do browse, quite a lot, both for business and pleasure.  I just know how to not get infected.  I, of course, recommend a good solid internet security suite for my clients though. I have a love/hate relationship with the people who make malware.  Its hard to COMPLETELY hate them since they bring so much business to me.



That is soo dum websites can be infected even if you cant tell it and you wont have knowlage of downloads and whats in them. DUDE GET ONE



Basically, that's all i'm doing on my windows machine, right now backing up my current installation of windows, at this very date, using Acronis, then putting it on my old trusty Western Digital Passport.

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