Thin-Skinned Model Sues Google



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Keith E. Whisman

give me a break. If trash talk made it to a print magazine I would say maybe but I as an American have a right to free speach and if I want to call someone a fruit then I will. This is alot like the school play ground. Teacher Teacher he called me a bad name. Good grief. I don't see how any website is responsible for what the general public or just public site members (non employees or affiliates of the site is what I'm getting at) comments about in it's blogs. There is nothing I can type here that will make MaximumPC open for a lawsuit. So the hell with her. Let her try to sue me. And it's not Libelous you dumb ass Mr Wagner. You see lawyers are human too and can make mistakes and think wrong ideas. Mr. Wagner you need to slap your client in the face and tell her to grow the fuck up and tell her if she can't take what people have to say about her then she should leave the public line light. The reason why she is offended so deeply enough to sue is because people like her are surrounded by yes people that always agree with her on everything and treat her as a god. It's gets to her head like all movie stars do and when someone doesn't agree with them it's so shocking to them they can't believe it. The other person has to be wrong or evil. I say almost all movie stars and rich people that surround themselves with yes men are freaking crazy.



Yeah, what better way to clean your name than attracting millions of visitors to the blog calling you a skank.



Every thing we said, write and do are all our responsibility and this of course including web contents/blogs.

It is normal for someone got pissed when said displeased things about her. I don't blame her. Her feelings of been offended isn't wrong here.

IF I were the blogger who did it, I would remove those offending contents asap and apologize.



This article is probably the most attention that model has received in ages (outside of that blog of course). Out of all the places she could have been talked about, isn't she glad that blogger doesn't work for the Enquirer? 



I just went and checked this blog out. It's kinda funny. Yes it's defintely mean spirited, but if all those pictures are really her I don't think she has much of a case. Now half the world is checking out her horse face and being dirty with douchebags. Uh oh now maybe she will sue me.



I don't think there's much of a case there.  Defamation can't be based on opinions, which are most of the statements.  The only factual statement appears to be referring to her as "fortysomething" when she's actually 36.  Even assuming that this statement has a tendency to harm her reputation (a requirement of defamation, and a dubious proposition), the plaintiff is a public figure.  This means she must prove that the misstatement of fact was made maliciously, which in this context means a deliberate falsehood or with reckless disregard for the truth.  Both of those are tough sells.  Even if she wins on the merits, I doubt there would be anything more than nominal damages.

Granted, that analysis goes for the substantive claim, not the question of revealing the blogger's identity.  But I think a court would have to look at the strength of the case as a whole when deciding whether to compel Google to disclose the blogger's identity.  But then, that's not an area of the law that I'm all that familiar with--perhaps someone else has more to say.

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