Think your DSL is slow? Astronauts in Space Struggle to Maintain Dial Up Speeds



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Hughesnet handles alot of Goverment based transmitions thru their private communications.Its no big secret that they handle alot of Vsat over in the areas we are at war with for our troops.

I do not believe for a minute that the technology is not there to give at least the same speed I get on Hughesnet.They are already halfway past the 40000 mile mark that I send and recieve to.So if anything their latency would be much better.


@Krtek...WOW DOES care about time one is in a group and sees someone type its Raining I am gonna DC then u will know.WOW is good for leveling and 5 mans,but I highly suggest Rolling a Paladin as Tank or forget about tanking and just DPS.Being able to front load aggro is a big plus with Paladins.You can forget about cutting edge Raiding though.

800+ ms Latency on a good day.



In space no one can hear your modem scream...



lol I have that issue alot of times with my 3G Home Internet



I think they have slightly better things to do than waste their time online. Also I don't find this surprising at all. There in space after all. Everything is in short supply up there.



So no porn for those poor astronauts.  However do they cope being cooped up in a space station with two other guys for months at a time....  ha ha




and there is your answer



Its all relativity



Quote : " Internet is space is too slow for gaming " . Huh ?



Even then, satellite connections are about line of sight. Furthermore, the time it takes to encode, beam and route a signal is also quite extensive.



strange, you would think they would latch on to a nearby network satelite and the difference in velocities would be smaller than being compared to a stationary point on the ground



There appears to be a special set of sattelites for communication with the ISS, which are geostationary.

Wiki states that the communication speed should be "3Mbps up and 10Mbps down". But it's probably used for transmitting a truck-load of other data in favor of youtube videos or games. And on top of that, it might not be the bandwidth that makes gaming impossible. I think latency would be much more of a problem as the communication is probably routed through the special satellites and then through special ground stations. Making gaming virtually impossible. Except, maybe WoW and the likes, which don't really care much about latency.

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