Thieves Break Into Razer's R&D Lab, Swipe Razer Blade Prototype Laptops



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Mad Mort

I just opened my backpack to check on my Alienware mx11.

"Don't worry, baby...Nobody's taking you from me."

*Hug* *Smooch*



Inside job for sure BUT mabey Razer is expanding on the " I got drunk in the bar and forgot them " thing that was happening to Apples phones



Apple is really alone with respect to that level of douche baggery.



Wow. Some moron went to a lot of work for 2 crappy "gaming" laptops -- and prototype versions as well!  Im sorry, but the internals on these things are horrible for the price point.  Razer is really showing how well they understand the PC gamer by developing this product.  Most of us dont give a flying crap about aesthetics and a thin form factor.  No SSD, low RAM, slow chip, discrete graphics -- put iOS on this thing and hand it over to the stylish folks at apple.  They wouldn't even need to redesign the chassis since its already a MacBook Pro.



If they stole nothing else besides them two laptops then it was more then likely an inside job.  The thieves must have walked past at least 10 laptops before finding that lab.



Sounds like an inside job, unless you knew exactly where the R&D lab was in said building you wouldn't know where to grab these specifically.  As it really does sound that was the main purpose of breaking into this building, for those two computers.  Those computers are pretty nice though.



+1 .  I sometimes have difficulty finding my way around the company I actually work for.  So the fact that a thief managed to go straight to the right room screams that someone tipped him off.

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