Thermaltake's Urban S21 Computer Case Sticks to Simplicity



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This would be a great case if only Thermaltake would have given an inch or two more clearance in the top of it to make mounting fans easier or maybe mounting a watercooler radiator like the Corsair H100 in the top of the case.



That always seems to be true…a nice case with a 240mm cutout on top, but just not enough room for a radiator. Another inch between the mobo and case would not hurt the aesthetics one bit.

Mr. Lilly, do the mfrs listen to your feedback? Is it possible to ask them to build a nice, mid-sized case that can handle a push-pull 240 or even 280mm radiator?


Dorito Bandit

WOW! I absolutely love the looks of this case. I've always liked cases that were simple looking and without all the tacky LEDs all over it. Very nice looking!

Please do a review on this bad boy as soon as you can. Purdy please!

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