Thermaltake's High WattageToughpower XT PSUs Could Power a Small City



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The platinum series is in reference to its power effeciency 89-94%

The gold here is 87-93%

So expect to have effecient wattage accordingly, platinum is better?



Scary that your computer will use more power than your refrigerator.



Hehe, maybe in the 1800s could 1275-1475w power a small city sufficiently. Nowadays, that will be enough to make coffee for ONE household or something like that. Being that the average house has 200A service (YMMV, my parents' house has 400A), that's about 48000w @ 240v or 24000w @ 120v.

@livebriand: I can TOTALLY relate to this...I have a 400w Antec Earthwatts PSU, which is sufficient enough to power a 3.1GHz Athlon II (Regor) with a two-drive striped RAID array and 4 gigs of memory. For those of you guys still rocking older rigs like Core 2's and first-gen Athlon 64s, believe it or not (and don't feel bad), a lot of gamers would laugh HYSTERICALLY at MY setup compared to theirs (some of which have just the *video card* ALONE more powerful than my entire system) but since I just hack around with Linux, code, run VMs to learn things like AD in Windows Server and mess around in Adobe CS5, it's more than enough for me.



Soon we'll be above 2400 watts and have a problem (that's 20A - the max of most outlets). Seriously, I highly doubt there's any use for this. This makes my 520w unit look like total shit, even though that can run a mid-range CPU and GPU well enough. (honestly, who really needs more????)



Too bad they're such a shoddy brand.

Also, computers are getting more efficient and these 1kw+ PSU's will be useless in a few years.



Boy, I hope you have a 20 AMP rated wiring and receptacle for the outlet you plug these bad boys into. Otherwise, the wires might get a little toasty...



Right on target.  Most folks will need heavier wiring and receptacles for these large power supplies-otherwise they are kidding themselves. 




Yes they will have to have a dedicated circuit just for the computer (as 15A is what most wall circuits are rated at).  Might be a doable thing in a new home, but hell my house was built in '53, so it would take a complete rewire to install just one outlet and a dedicated 20A plug to run the damn thing.



"...two of which are 80 Plus Gold certified (1275W and 1375W), with the other receiving an 80 Plus Platinum stamp."

The 1275W is Platinum, and the others are gold.

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