Thermaltake Transporter is a Body Bag for Your Full Tower System



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Totally pointless -- this is what desktop replacement laptops are for. One of those stuffed with the best PC hardware (albeit at a higher price than for normal desktop form factors) and a gasoline powered generator is equivalent to hours and hours of desktop computing, in a much (hopefully) lighter package. Or, at least, much more portable.



This looks like it will just barely hold my Haf 932, I'm tired of lugging that beast around with a paracord handle.



I must say that is actually pretty cool. I could have used that solution a couple of years ago when I dragged my Antec 900 case with me on weekends through rain and snow, but now I travel with a laptop.



I don't do the lan party thing, but I would like something like this for when I am moving a computer. Protective, computer shaped and with a handle? If the price isn't over the top, I'd go for it.

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