Thermaltake Level 10 GT Snow Edition Cranks Up the Style



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I agree with Brian, the Obsidians are by far the best over all design out there and sets the standard.

And to the guy that prefers the steel case over an aluminum case...

You do realize that it's more than just weight that is the difference, don't you?

All-Aluminum Cases also help dispate a small percentage of the heat from being a giant heat sink themselves. Ever touched an Aluminum Case over a plastic or steel one? It is inherently cool/cold all the time.

I like the separate compartment idea with this case, but it needs a little work and considering it is the same price as an Obsidian, I think I'll go with Corsair.



Actually, they bought a bunch of Corsair 600Ts. I think the white 600T is a nice improvement over the black one. However with the level 10 GT, the black looks much more stylish than the white, which just looks too busy. The difference with the white 600T is how streamlined and clean it looks. This one just looks messy. My 2 cents. Then again, I went with the 650d.



If Alu cases in any way were a means to dissipate heat, they would not be cold they would be hot.

Also, the Obsidian 800D is known for pretty bad airflow for what it tries to be, and is used by watercoolers. The 650D has a nasty interaction between front grill and front fan, which people are complaining about, Corsair put out a dampening device for, and still is a present problem.


Brian Dowding

A few points to make here from what Felix said:

1) The Corsair Obsidian 800D is in no way known to be bad with air-flow.  I've been building for 20 years, and also have been in bands since I was 12 - the point to that being that spot-lights, gels, and fog machines are handy for testing airflow.  I've never seen better separation, nor it done so quietly.  The fact that it is full of gromets designed for watercooling adds to how flexible this case truly is.  A perfect case would have these considerations built in and done right - and the 700D and 800D have it ready for those who watercool better than anyone playing that game.  That is to say - it isn't just amazing with air cooling - it is ALSO amazing for watercooling enthusiasts as well.  In my books, that is a giant plus, not a minus.

2) The Corsair Obsidian 650D is in no way great like the 700D and 800D.  It is not even compartmentalized as the 700D and 800D are.  The flaws of the 650D are not relevant to a discussion about the 800D any more than the failures in the appearance of a Ferrari made between 1980 and 2000 in any way are applicable to the stunning beauty of a modern Ferrari 248.  They simply are in no way the same product.

3) Take a physics course.  When two materials are exposed to equal thermal conditions, the cooler one is such because it is superior at disapating heat.  I'll show you an entire engineering history of Aluminum heatsinks.  You MIGHT find a steel one somewhere if you look hard enough, but I have never seen one.  There is a reason for this.


For the record - I'm not in any way a fan of the Corsair 650D.  Or the 600D.  Or any of the other Corsair cases.  They hold their own to comparable products and are price competitive - but...

Anyway asking my advice - I've recommended saving a little longer for the 700D or 800D.  There is nothing else out there that is simultaneously so functional, quiet, and tastefully understated so to be capable of not being noticed in the dark corner of a room - say, per chance, beside a 55" plasma where you don't want it drawing attention to itself...  Just throwing that out there.



Sow's ear 1, Silk Purse 0



I looked at this and thought of the Empire buying millions of these


Big Hoss

Actually, they bought a bunch of Corsair 600Ts.  I think the white 600T is a nice improvement over the black one.  However with the level 10 GT, the black looks much more stylish than the white, which just looks too busy.  The difference with the white 600T is how streamlined and clean it looks.  This one just looks messy.  My 2 cents.  Then again, I went with the 650d.



stll looks like a bloated blob of crap to me...



Doesn't matter HOW well it performs in the noise/heat department (see Anandtech review for charts), this thing has serious design and construction flaws.  When I first saw this case in a store, the gratuitous use of plastic alone turned me off instantly.  Didn't even look at the price tag and thought it must have been $100 max for its size.  Even if the plastic is "sturdy," I wouldn't buy this for $50.  The honeycomb vents are everywhere making dusting a terrific chore, and I dont remember seeing any removable filters either.  I understand that people have different tastes in design, but come on...Thermaltake must have scavanged the aborted fetus of the original Level 10 to come up with this monstrosity...and it looks to me they just bought it a new change of clothes with this edition.



The only plastic on this case is the front bezel, and the hot swappable hard drive bays. All the fans have removable washable filters as well. You sure it was this case you were looking at, as I have yet to it in the store?


Holly Golightly

Wow, you sure say it raw, don't you?

I am always turned off by plastic too. But you got to admit that when (if) you actually saw the original Level 10, your breath was not taken away. It was all metal. No plastic. Not that many vents like the Level 10 GT, and no cheap parts.

I like to see the original Level 10 as that super model that not everybody can afford or like. Sure, it is not perfect for you, or many others, but it is a show stopper, and looks good. No Apple product can compete with these looks.

I agree with you, I am not so thrilled by the Level 10 GT/LCS/Snow White... But many PC builders prefer performance over looks, and there is no doubt the GT version offers the performance people want. And it sells pretty well on NewEgg. At this point, it is not worth arguing about results. 



I think I still prefer my Thermaltake Xaser VI (Black & no longer available) over that novelty looking case.  I have all the real estate I need to build whatever I want inside it.  10 Expansion slots are rare and was a priority when I picked this baby out.  Look into it if you're looking for a monster case.

Be aware that that Xaser VI cases came in 2 sizes - the full ATX and mid ATX -- I have seen mid size cases labeled as the full size on ebay.  I was able to tell the difference by the dimensions and the weight.  The full size is approx. 24" in height.  Also, last I saw - the black & the black/red cases are no longer available from Thermaltake or Newegg (where I got mine 2+ yrs ago).

The silver one is around but it is mostly aluminum -- it weighs considerably less than my all black case which is mostly steel, like 15 lbs less.  The black one that I own weighs in at over 40 lbs -   yes folks - over 40 pounds.

Not that the lighter silver one isn't worth a serious look at,  but considering my last Supermicro case lasted 10 years and was all steel -- well --- that says something for steel.

Other than a painted black interior, some rubber grommets inside for neater wiring, casters maybe - & a cpu backplate hole to make changing the cpu cooler easier if you have to get at the underside of the motherboard -- this case is totally Ass Kicking.  It has it's faults - but nothing that I really miss at all after 2+ years and countless changes to my build later.

I have never seen a review on it in any of Maximum PCs case Roundups/Reviews.  Unless I missed it - Shame on you Maximum PC.

Thermaltake Xaser VI --- The full size one only  -- is a Beautiful Beast of a case.

Believe me - the pics don't do it justice but check it out:

Also -- I totally agree with the "boxes and towels" comment by Eoraptor.




I'm thrilled someone is bucking the "black on black on black with a little red" color scheme which has become the defacto beige box of today...

But this looks a bit like the stacks of boxes and towels in my utility room.


Brian Dowding

Some people want to own a Jaguar, but I'm more of a Mercedes person.  Jaguars, they are nice...  but they are really cars that say "not only can I afford a Jag, but I can afford the maintenance on a Jag" if you know what you are going into.

Some don't know what they are going into and want a Jag...  The ThermalTake Level 10 reminds me of a Jag...

With that being an analogy to PC cases, I've never seen or used anything I liked over the Corsair 800D and Corsair 700D cases.  I am not even very crazy about the other Corsair offerings so far.  Those 2 cases are the only game in town for a monster rig, in my opinion.


Holly Golightly

I would rather pick a Jaguar over a Mercedes any day of the week. It is just that the Mercedes of today are of cheaper quality in comparison to the older ones. But to be honest, BMW has also become cheaper in quality. I am not sure with the new Jaguars, but they have some wonderful concepts. Just check this out:

In order to get a quality Mercedes, you have to buy a Maybach. Best in quality. But if I am going to spend a lot of money, why not get a more powerful car like a Ferarri? Personally, I prefer Dodge Vipers. Raw American power.

Still, the Level is by far the most attractive case in the market. Plenty of other nice cases like the NZXT Phantom, Corsair 800D, Silverstone TJ11, and so much more. But the 800D is a liquid cooler's dream come true. But Level 10 is great for air cooling, and you get a quality design to top it off. These cases are a win-win in my book.





I am guessing that you have never owned, and maybe never drove half the cars you listed.

As someone who has owned/owns and drives BMWs, Mercedes, Lincolns, Jaguars, Audis, Infinitis, Lexus, and Cadillacs, I can assure you that these cars are light years ahead of "normal" cars like Ford Chevy, and (God forbid) Crystler (Dodge). There is a good (maybe not to you, people value different things) reason to pay more for them over "normal" cars.

Back to the subject at hand, you get what you pay for this case costs a lot for a reason. A combination of cost to develop, cost to manufacture, marketing, low production numbers, high QC, and so on. This case is very expensive to make, lots of parts, etc. If you don't like the looks, then buy something else, but for what you get, and the cost going into it, the price isn't bad compared to some other very pricy cases, IMO.

But seriously, the Germans make the best stuff, cars, guns you name it, they rule the world in manufacturing. Don’t know what I would do without my V12 BMW, and Sig Sauer and H&K guns. :P




Holly Golightly

You are right, I do not own any car. But that does not mean I have not sat on the passenger side. The men in my family love those expensive cars you speak of. But I am not going to go crazy and suddenly buy a Lamborghini. Some people value luxury, other value power. You drive your BMW, and I will buy my 2,000 Horsepower Dodge Viper with Hennessey aero kits.

As for guns, nobody makes guns better than the Russians. Everyone knows that. An anti-locking AK-47 will do just the trick if I find myself in a situation of survival. Germans make wonderful inventions, but I think when it comes to luxury items, there are better stuff to choose from like designer shoes in France, custom tailored dresses in Italy, Computers in America, Toilets in Japan, weapons from Russia, literature from England and potery from China. Germany just can't compete in those fields. But they are overall well balanced. But for those items, I would not consider Germany the best in those fields.

Back to the subject, I love the original Level 10. It provides performance and good looks like a Jaguar indeed!



"The ThermalTake Level 10 reminds me of a Jag..."

Actually it is a BMW.

It was a collaberation between Thermaltake and BMW Designworks USA.


Brian Dowding

Oh, I know.  But BMW didn't fit the analogy - that's all.



Crazy. I was just looking at this on their website. First time I've been to Thermaltake site in years. I think it's purty in white



I love this Case, But i perfer black.

Also this case is awesome when it comes to airflow and upgrades.



They have a black version for like $20 less than the white version:



I just don't find the looks that appealing. I'd much rather something that looked more like the 2011 Dreamachine over this.



Gimmy horsepower over looks any day



I would not pay this much for this case. It's too busy for my taste.



also makes it hard to dust!

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