Thermaltake Launches Three New Liquid Cooling Products



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My old rig had a big water cooling the cpu, north bridge, and two ATI gpu's in crossfire. Kept up with a mild overclock on each piece of hardware. Temps went out of control if I pushed it obviously but all in all it worked well. I do like the fact that it looks like they put the fan control knob on the front of the unit. Mine was inside the case and was a pain to get at if I just wanted to adjust the fan speed.



Hmm, never had much faith in Thermaltakes liquid cooling solutions. Will have to wait and see what reviews show from the new lineup.



Knowing Thermaltake, it will be ineffective, leak, corrode (copper waterblock with an aluminum rad is a big no-no), and generally not be worth the money. You'd be better off with a proper custom cooling loop, those all-in-one units that Corsair and Antec sell, or even good aircooling.


Edit: After actually looking at the A80, it looks like Thermaltake jumped on the all-in-one bandwagon. That one may be a decent cooler. Skip the others, though.



I laughed hard at that; after owning a couple of their awful fans I don't think I'd trust anything else made by them. That's one ugly case too.



Never understood the point of adding LEDs to cooling stuff.



to make it look cool, what else?


Brock Kane

Just a little extra eye candy.


Holly Golightly

It is not a regular Level 10, it is the Level 10 GT... You guys almost took my breath away. For a second. I really did thought it was a newly remodified Level 10. I still feel the regular one looks prettier than the GT version. Hmm, I wonder if the tubes will be long enough to fit onto the original Level 10.



if not, they all seem to have standard tension cloamps, no reason you can't get tubing to fit on your own, even if it's not the low porosity tubing that's marketed with them.

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