Thermaltake Constructs Armor Revo Gene Case for Mainstream Gamers



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What the fark are these? I understand the budget concern, but my Antec 300 looks way better and it's a 'budget' case. I'm sorry, but those feet are way too gimmicky for my liking. These just scream early 2000's all over again when CCFL lights, LED fans and funky plexi windows were all the rage.

I prefer my 300, nice clean lines with a single blue temp. controlled LED fan up front (my choosing). These things... I'm not so sure about it. HDD docking bays are nice and all, but I'll take a hot-swap tray over that canerous blob on top any day.

/my 2 cents.



These are great cases and all, but their steel construction makes them weigh a ton. Hell, my fully loaded aluminum Lian-Li case is pretty damn heavy for that matter.



My Corsair 600t SE looks way better, but i suppose it In a futuristic nerdy kinda way. The legs on the white looks funny though lol.



i don't buy cases that look like early millenia gaming cases; too much going on aesthetically, and what looks like a tumor on top



HA! Who even buys Thermaltake anymore? Coolermaster has utterly smashed it. The CM Storm Trooper shits all over that case for $80, and it can take 39cm cards too. The HAF XM for $130 gangbangs the fuck out of it too.



Your name suits you. +9001 internets for you sir.

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