The Witcher among Top 100 Best-Selling PC Games of All Time, Says Developer



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Guilty as charged.


I somehow ended up buying three copies of The Witcher EE.

One on Steam, one retail box that I intended as a gift but never gave away, and once on when it was on sale to promote The Witcher 2's launch.

But really glad to see a PC developer doing well.


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What it boils down to is that these people have a lot of pride in their product and respect for their customers. That's rare these days, I am happy for their success.

They are also affiliated to a games lover website/store if I ever saw one.





I'm not much for RPG's but I did really like playing this game!

 "Life is about living, not stressing" - a very smart girl :)



I played the game on my gateway 7811 notebook. Ran great. Was also an awesome game! Any "difficulties"

weren't so bad because of this fact.  I hope more people give it a chance. Best RPG since Oblivian!




Check the book out, they have the first one (probably the other ones) out, translated [well I might add] into English. Great story. The game is awesome. And load times sir? My old comp did it, medium/high graphics:

-Dell Dimension C521

-AMD Sempron 3400+ 1.8GHz OC'd to 2.2GHz, FSB OC'd, RAM OC'd

-1.5GB's Mixed RAM 

-BFG Tech nVidia GeForce 7300 GS OC 256MB

-70GB HD

-Dell Poopy Cheesy Plastic Case


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Still ran quite well :D, and enjoy every last bit of it.

My rig now:

AMD Phenom X3 8750 Black Edition 2.4GHz OC'd to 3.0GHz

ASUS M3N78 Pro

2x1GB DDR2 800 Mushkin RAM

BFG Tech nVidia GeForce GTX 260 maXcore Core 216 896MB

Seagate Barracuda 1TB 32MB Cache

Antec Nine Hundred


:D Game runs like a dream! Mmm Mmm Good.



I bought the game when it first came out and played through without and problems. I liked the game a lot and will play it again with the enhancement patch they made for the game.

 If you are having problems playing this game look to your machine for problems with drivers. If the game crashes look in the Event Viewer for errors in the application and system logs. In those two logs you should find the info pointing to the game or drivers at fault.




Gee, that's good news.  Amazon is delivering to me tomorrow. :-/



I bought the enhanced edition recently. The game is still buggy and still has ridiculous load times.

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