The Pirate Bay Wants to Encrypt the Internet



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Clearly encryoting all information is very practical. There isn't one good reason why it shouldn't happen. Ever since GW Bush, AT&T, Insight, and others started spying on our phone lines and watchdogging our internet habits, I realized that we cannot just sit by and allow it. I actually started looking for a website that could retrieve and encrypt all information, even from non-SSL websites. Of course that would use a third party like a proxy. But big deal. Its better than nothing at all. Two good things would be Full Encryption and Anonymous Proxy. That way they dont see what we do OR where we are doing it from. I dont buy into this mentality that its okay to violate our rights just because of the threat of terrorism. That's like me busting into some strangers home all because of a rumor that he was building a bomb to kill everyone in the city. This rhetorical information campaign is far from being justifiable in violating people's rights and millions should ban together and sue the government, including the President, if necessary. The media tries to lean towards the not-so-shiny side of websites like Piratebay, but they aren't there for the sole purpose of illegal activity. They are there to protect the rights that are being overlooked. We are all sick and tired of greedy corporations trying to tell us what we can do or not do, what we can see or not see. They want us to pay them money just to look at something. There's something seriously wrong with that picture. Profit doesn't justify their actions. I could care less about profit and if they stop making things altogether. But as long as they put it out there, it will be traded like it or not.


Maud Dib

The ACLU is the what??

 You had better pull your cranium out of Rush Limbaughs rectum...   Because after they defended your putrid hero's hide after he was doctor shopping.. he has stopped saying all those really stupid lies about the American Civil Liberties Union...

 I always laugh when freaks talk crap like this...


The ACLU is actually awesome... and has played a major role protecting the civil rights of ALL Americans.. even you.

How can you pretend to be some sort of authority on anything??... When you know absolutely nothing? .. Or at the very least expose severe negatives in your comprehensional ablilites of the english language.

Do you know what the word FASCISM means?

 Do  you know what the word LIBERAL means??


If you think the two are interchangable .. please book a one way ticket off the planet...


Thank you.





MUTE, I2P, Freenet, and OFF have been trying to do this for years.  How is TPB's approach better?



What TPB is looking to do is to have the encryption happen for everything everywhere. Every website, email, IM, video, or download that you run would be encrypted transparently to the user. This isn't just about p2p files, or making IPSEC tunnels to specific locations. I think they'd be better off trying to make the change to the TCP/IP protocol if it turns out to be a good idea. I am still not so sure.

Adoption would depend on demand and how much overhead it creates bandwidth wise and server side. It's a long shot.



So basically, it's like a Tor VPN that runs at a lower layer than SOCKS5 (which is what Tor uses)?



All I know is that the more projects like this, the better. It's a shame that many people don't see the big picture.



The internet is failing, and the U.S. is not immune.  As the proliferation of Facist Government spreads around the globe; that is governments like China, Russia, the middle-east, etc., accelerating their economies using capitalist models, but driving those models through the power of authoritarian political or religious parties, just as Nazi Germany did.  Such governments are stifling competition and freedom of information, allowing the rich to take greater advantage of the un-informed poor, now feeding the global recession.  The Pirate Bay is addressing one leg of this problem - the freedom of information exchange.  Encrypting traffic on the internet, all of it, puts all of us, the people and their government, back on even footing.  I for one encourage this, and financially support the efforts of Pirate Bay, EFF, ALCU, and others who are trying to uphold the rights of citizens, over their government. You go Pirate Bay!


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Righteous Fury

I cannot believe you would have the gall to compare the ACLU to Pirate Bay, especially after you just finished calling so many global entities facists... HELLO!!! The ACLU has become the most aggressive facist organization on the face of the earth. Where the hell have you been living, in your case?

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