The Ion Platform Will Debut in a $299 Nettop



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There have been lots of ITX computers but until now they couldn't do much the average person would consider interesting. The Ion is able to do high level graphics which is a big step for these palm sized packages. It has HDMI out and it can play a Blu-ray disc something no other ITX box can do. It can also play streaming video smoothly.  I'd love to have a computer as part of my HT system but I have no interest in devoting real estate for a large tin box that draws 150+watts all the time. I've got a TiVo and a Blu-ray player but it would be nice to be able to fire up the web and look on IMDB. One of these and a Logitech Dinova mini keyboard/click pad would be perfect.



$200 Xbox 360 vs. $300 Ion Platform. FIGHT!

Seariously, the 360 is capable of decoding 1080p VC1 and probably has double the pixel/texel throughput if not more. Well, I guess the xbox can't...erm... won't run a spreadsheet app or use a mouse.

Also, I recently bought for my brother a $370 computer with an AMD 4450e X2 (which is probably far more powerful than anything VIA has to offer) and 3GB of PC6400 (200mhz ddr2) ram. I don't think the $70 savings is worth the sacrifice.

You can have your recession. I'm not participating.



It's not just about cost it's also about size. I will buy this for my internet machine mount it on the back of my 42" lcd and use wireless desk top.



I wonder if it can play Red Alert 2?



That is true and great and all but I believe you are missing the point of portability and tiny form factor. Personally, I wish I had access to this last year when I was modding my SNES into a PC that runs XP Pro. I would have much better graphics and more power.

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