The Heck With Going Postal, I'm Going Admin On Your Ass



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I don't think the full story's out on this yet.  I have a feeling there's some major CYA going on in the SF higher ups.



That is a possibility. We haven't heard his side yet. It has come out that he has a criminal record for aggravated burglary, which he served five years' probation in 1982. That's a hell of a long time ago for that to stick with you, but its going to haunt him here.

 He plead not guilty at his arraignment. 

 Childs' court-appointed lawyer Erin Crane said after the arraignment that the case was a big misunderstanding and that the suspect has "been willing to hand over the password since Tuesday," the Chronicle reported. Crane said Childs is "willing to cooperate. We have negotiations ongoing."

 From the sounds of it the new head of security was doing a password audit and Childs starting taking pictures of her. She locked her self away and called security. They also found that he had found a way to read email his superiors had sent about him (hmmmm Network is usually sent in plain text, packet sniffing anyone?)

It doesn't look good for him. 



Based on "friend of a friend" communication I've had with people, Childs was about the only decent network engineer working for the City. He locked admins he considered incompetant out of the Cisco configs based on a track record (theirs) of constant screwups. Naturally, his bosses didn't like that.

He's being a complete fool about this, of course, but having worked with a few incompetant engineers myself, I can sympathize. Knowing what I know of City employees, it doesn't take much imagination to believe San Francisco IT is full of space wasters who got their jobs soley because they knew somebody.





I saw this in the news yesterday, but it didn't say anything then about any impact on city services or anything.  I was worried you guys would be having freaky traffic lights and stuff like that all over the place.



a la Italian Job?



lol yes exactly.  I couldn't remember where I'd seen it done before, but that was it

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