The Google Cloud Hiccups, do we have the Right to Complain?



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People pay hundreds of dollars for an office suite that doesn't work all the time. People pay many more hundreds for an OS that crashes because of an ill thought out patch. People pay hundreds for LCD monitors that might have bad pixels, and noone shows the lack of faith in a product like they do when a free service like Google Apps goes down for a little while. Hell, at least Google was honest and open about their mess-up.  Until software that you're paying for is 100%, try cutting the free stuff some slack. Remember, it could not work at all, and you'd still get your money's worth



Since when have you truly expected 100% uptime from your own PC?  From your business servers? from ANYTHING?  Outages are a fact of life in a digital world, just like fires are a fact of life in paper world.  This is why backups exist.


Keith E. Whisman

If I can't access my apps whenever I need to then how the (insert F Bomb Here) is Cloud computing better than software that I install on my PC and can access at anytime? Your a F'ing retard to utilize Cloud Computing for anything other than bare basic crap like Email.



The google apps service free/paid versions should have 100% available uptimes. Google operates mulitple datacenters and should have numerous replicas of the same data throughout the world with along with servers serving up the same pages, when was the last time did not open? Google obviously is not QCing its production environment and not paying enough attention the services people rely on.

At the very least 5 nines of uptime.

My company was considering moving to Google apps, if we did we might of suffered a 30 hour outage without service, and many hours of lost labor costs.



If you pay for the apps, yes, you should expect atleast 99.9% uptime. If you are just using free apps, no, you have absolutly no right to expect a 100% uptime.

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