The Broadband Price War Erupts with Price Slashing



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Keith E. Whisman

This price war needs to hit Phoenix, Arizona.



Maybe they are getting less new customers because most everyone who can get these services, already have it!  They can't expect a bunch of new customers when there aren't that many potential customers to begin with.  Maybe they should expand their area so people like me (live in the north woods of WI) don't have to have satellite internet to be able so surf the web. 



...guees I'm now a Com-castaway?  Greasy businesses will not see my $$$


I find it amazing how they can block competition out of certain areas (i.e. Verizon FIOS), I suppose that's what happens when a company gets TOO much power.



[quote]Comcast added 278,000 high-speed internet subscribers in Q2, which
represents 18 percent fewer customers than the company signed one year
Is it 18% lower in 2008 Q2 versus 2007 Q2.  Or are you saying it is 18% lower in 2008 Q2 versus LAST year (12 months)?


Nunc est bibendum!

Funny, they complain of "market saturation", yet they ignore a potentially huge market just outside city limits as rural (and even some suburban) residents beg for a service nobody could be bothered offering them. Maybe now the "easy money" of urban high speed internet is gone they'll expand into other untapped markets...



And comcrap says they have to put a cap on bandwidth limits....even with much fewer than expected signups. get a clue comcrap!

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