The Best of the Best Just Got Better



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Great list.

That model of the Linksys router has actually been outdated for a while.

The current model is the WRT610N. It's pretty slick looking too.





I still have issues with this list. Not that it's bad, but I think this list could be much better. Starting with links to the reviews. I'd like to see why these things are the best of the best. I'd also like to know what their compared to and how long they've been on the list. For example, the Linksys router, as you mentioned is the older model, but is the newer one improved enough to make it on the list? (Which incidentally, I've seen several bad reviews of the newer model.) I would also like to see it updated more frequently. I've already had an i7 machine for almost two months now. I put it together myself and had to research all the parts and was disapointed that the reviews for these new parts weren't already available here. I actually called several of the manufactuers directly for answers to some of my build questions. I would like a magazine that is designed for power users to have information on the latest technology lined up and ready to publish well in advance of, (or at least right as) the product release. Don't get me wrong, I love the podcast, magazine, and the web site. I just feel that this is where you guys used to be stronger than you are now.

 I would also love an i7 mobo, CPU cooler, RAM, etc, deathmatch. Was the MSI board the best, or the best you tested? How does it compare to the ASUS Rampage II Extreme?


Ok, done ranting. It's Gordon's job anyway. 



Seagate is no longer the "King of the Monsters" Western Digital released it's 2TB drive this week and it is available in the US. It may not be cheap $299.99 @ NewEgg, but it's 2TB!!! Nuff Said.



the passport elite is a pretty wicked hard drive. the included software is sweet and the performance is awesome



I was surprised to see the 940 recommended over the 920.  With the cost & performance between those to processors, I expected to see the 920 being recommended. ./shrug



Hey guys, I have waited a long time for this!  I was disappointed to see it leave the mag, but was glad that it was going to more comprehensive and updated more frequently on the internet.  Unfortunatly, I don't think that was really fulfilled until now!! Thanks so much for all the categories!!  The only other suggestion I might make is a category for SSDs, maybe MP3 player? Thanks!

Anyone want to donate to the knexkid get an Nvidia 295, core i7 940, msi mo bo, and a veleciraptor???? LOL JK!



"This speedy, high capacity hard drive
is currently the biggest consumer drive available. The Barracuda
manages to pack 1.5TB of space onto four 375GB platters on a 7,200RPM
spindle with 32GB cache. It’s an enormous drive that won’t break the


I take it you meant MB there?



Wow! What an improvement!!! This is the list as how it should be.

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