The 2009 PC Hit List: Apple's Secret Weapons



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Sorry, I can't read 6 pages of "ohh, the MacBook Air is sooo thin. I love the Jobs." I already am too close to insanity. 



Hmm, interesting title ... but the maximum pc title for this post is a just a bait ;)


Keith E. Whisman

I wish that Apple would come out with a version of MAC OS that is installable on any pc. That would be true competition for Windows and Linux. Windows and Linux live great together. Why can't Mac OS be installed on an Windows/Linux box? 


Great article. The only mac anything that I have in Itunes and an 80gig Ipod Classic with 10162songs. 



Simple reason being, is that if you were allowed to install Max OS X on any computer, it would expose it's flaws to the masses, Jobs would not be able to control the hardware it is installed on (or the price he charges you for replacement hardware when it inevitably fails, which it will) and than people would find out that Vista was not that bad of and OS after all.



I want tat picture



u cant play good games on macs. well u can but u have to invest even more money in to do so.



thrives on ignorance. It's sad the number of people who are afraid of their computers, and need Big Papa Jobs to rock them to sleep at night. PCs are nothing to be afraid of, Unfortunately, you can't force people to learn, so computers will increasingly become nothing more than consumer electronics - i.e., closed systems that can't be upgraded without the approval of the manufacturer. Thanks, Apple.



I stopped giving a crap about what MacLife had to say a while ago, and the 25 Reasons PC users should shut up made me not care even more.



I switched a couple of months ago and I can see why the Mac vs PC debate will increasingly be referred to as a war. The number of switchers is going to grow rapidly. While the Mac OS is probably even more quirky and unreliable than Windows, I wouldn't switch back. The hardware is superbly quiet and cool, (although my aluminum iMac came with more defects than any PC I've ever owned) and for everything other than gaming the Mac experience is so much more 'relaxing' (I can't think of a single intrusive nag. A computing experience that isn't full of constant reminders that you are in danger, deficient, screwing up - who would have thought).



and those guys looked like major stoners.

 that first paragraph had fanboy written all over it in the article. you guys are like the anderson cooper of the computing world.

the day apple makes a refrigerator with an electronic robot arm that is controlled by a monkey with electrodes stuck in its brain(for the sole purpose of throwing you a beer) is the day i move to apple.

until then pc ftw!


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