Text Messaging Turns 20, Will It Survive Another Two Decades?



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I dont think texting is going to die any time soon.

Why because first when I text someone I know it goes to their phone, and 90% of the time, that person has their phone either on them or close by.

Second I have friends who are on 4 different chat protocols, AIM, Google, Facebook, and MSN, which is why I use pidgin on my desktop as my chat client. There is no good nice multi chat client on android phones, that I have found. But nothing is easier to send a mass text then with a texting.

Third when I send a text is a usually for a quick question, yes, no, maybe, or just letting people know there is an event going on at some date.


Keith E. Whisman

I must admit that I didn't think text messaging would go very far on a phone of all things. A phone, you know, if you have something to say just call and tell them. Back when texting started you had to press the number keys multiple times to get the letter you wanted, so texting was a nauseating way to communicate back in the day. It's still stupid, my argument still stands, if you have something important to say, just give the person a call. Kirk never texted Beam me up Scotty on Star Trek, so why should we?


Peanut Fox

I'm curios. Does MaximumPC have a working fax machine in any of it's offices?



Most of my friends and family have iPhones like me so already most of my "texts" are actually iMessages. Soon Apple could open up that protacol (as they said they could when they first introduced it) and make it the new standard for chatting. Even if they don't there's no way that texting will last much longer. The carriers know this too. They started making the money on minutes. That soon shifted to texting rates/plans, and now the money is in data (ironic since it's ALL data - and has been since mobile phones went digital).



"Soon Apple could open up that protacol [sic] (as they said they could when they first introduced it)..."

Right...They will do that the day that they allow you to install OSx on a computer that wasn't built by Apple. I can just see it, iMessage installed on a Samsung Galaxy device...

But even still, just because you and MOST everyone you know has succumb to the "smartphone" concept, what about those people that haven't? How about those that can't, for one reason or another (geography, political, social, economic, etc.)?

"There is no way that texting will last much longer."

I beg to differ. It is a current standard that supports cross device communications. It is reasonably fast, reasonably reliable, and efficient at what it is designed to do. Also, it is a defined standard that can be licensed for next to nothing. I think it has a long road ahead of it, much like the fax machine...


Peanut Fox

Great. Now I have to Google what the heck an iMessage is.



If you have a smart phone, text messaging is redundant.

In fact it's worse than redundant because carriers usually charge extra for it (one of the great scams of the telecom industry, as there's no real reason for extra charging other than that people are willing to pay).

The sooner this tech is abandoned the better.



Texting can probably go longer than 20+ years as it is the simplest form of communicating directly. Keyword DIRECTLY. No Im's no apps or any "special" ways or "tricks" to text or using the so called "texting app" which does not even work most of the time. One can argue that SMS is crossing the line to use in case of any emergencies.

Sure we have social services that can make texting less. But still, it does not defeat how simple texting really is, from "featured phones" To Smartphones. Can't get anymore universal than that when it comes to texting someone really quick.

Until something changes down the road. texting is here to stay.



And in 30+ years, events will still happen and be communicated via texting. Hell, Bopp told the IAU about Hale-Bopp via telegraph... in 1995! Remember, the shittier the technology, the more popular it is.



"There are way too many alternatives like iMessage, BBM, Facebook Chat, and Google Chat that are cross-platform that texting is a backup now for sophisticated users. Texting is more reliable but is declining as a primary tool."

Because TEXTING isn't cross-platform? *facepalm*
I hate to be a troll, but the astounding amount of stupid in this statement is shocking. I mean I could sit here and tear it apart (like how the majority of phone users probably don't fall into the "sophisticated" category, and that proportionate to non-sophisticated users, are probably in decline) but my sensibilities say I should get back to work instead...

Happy Birthday Text Messaging! Helping teens crash cars more efficiently for two decades!



Agreed. The guy simply quotes some non-relevant, semi-philosophical saying that "It isn't evolving, therefore it must be declining" to draw a conclusion on the future of texting?


Travis Penner

BBM as a successful alternative to text messaging? Who even uses BBM anymore? I text FAR more than any other form of electronic communication. I don't see that changing anytime soon.

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