In Test Windows 7 Netbooks Take Battery Life Hit



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 I'm just being lazy and not looking up the system specs of those netbooks, but are they equiped with SSD's or standard HDD's? 5hrs and 9hrs of battery life is nothing to scoff at, even with a traditional HDD.


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On my Sony Vaio VGN-TXN15P my battery life went from 5:45 down to 5:10 (Around a half-hour or so loss)...  However, performance is much better, even over than XP.  Boot time is faster and overall operational time is faster...  I'll sacrifice a few minutes of battery life for better performance...  I have no intentions of switching back to XP or Vista...unless I find something that hasn't come up over the past few months of Beta testing...  All in all, it's worth the sacrifice - at least to me.



I'm quiet sure their claim was about vista vs w7, not xp vs w7



What about the Nokia netbooks that connect via 3G advertized on Diggnation all the time.

They claim 12hour battery life, and comes preinstalled with Win7.




Im sure its not perfect,but its one hell of a leap up from both XP & Vista combined.

At any rate, there very well may be more faults (and good!) discovered with time, and maybe by then sp1 will come along.

I myself just fixed a printer driver issue,which seems to be one of its weak spots. And this was even on an older machine.

All in all it is a strong robust OS that makes good use of resources, and that I would recommend it to anyone!



 I'm gonna have to say im not real worried about battery life on my laptop. i'm a college kid so i like it simply for the fact that i can easily take it from my common area to my room without having to move the monitor, keyboard, mouse, wires, and tower. plus i'd much rather have windows 7 than xp! :)




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