Tesla CEO Predicts Auto Industry will be Fully Electric by 2030



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I honestly think gasoline cars will be around, still, by then. They're getting better. I have a 2003 Acura RSX, for example, that gets roughly ~35MPG. The car has ~160,000 miles, and it's almost 8 years old (it's getting up there). It doesn't cost much to fill up and it's pretty agile (it's a sports-ish car). I eventually want to buy a new Acura or Honda after I'm out of college. By then, I'm pretty sure the way Honda works, that the new Acuras in the furture would be EVEN MORE efficient than the already efficient 2003 model. Read: use less fuel.

But, it seems that the Japanese manufacturers and a few others are the only ones getting it right. Ford and GM are just now starting to produce more efficient vehicles (the Volt is TOO expensive for its class, might as well buy a 1.8L Mercedes C-class and have change left over), but Honda and Toyota have been doing this for a LONG time (not to sound like a fanboy). By 2030, they'll find a way to run an 8-cylinder capable of towing 8000 pounds on 30 miles per gallon. The Tundra, for example, is already getting ~22 MPG, from what I've heard from other people.



Keep in mind the only reason gas is under $5 a gallon is because the government stepped in and took over pricing. oil is not infinite and corn for ethanol is expensive. gas mileage is not really going up at a steep rate ether, seeing as how my dad had a 3 cylinder car that got 45mpg when he was my age. there is only so mutch energy (kinetic or otherwise) you can get out of combusting gas.

All that said there so many technologies out there that companies are at a loss as to what to put there money behind, and that is the holdup.

salt water can be combusted by causing molecular destabilization with radio waves. the sodium (Na) and water (H2O) to combine making 2NaOH. imagine a car running on salt water.

Another solution would put electromagnetic rails under major highways to act as half of a transformer,  the other half being in your car. than as you drove on those routes your batteries would charge, leaving you with a full charge as you get on the off-ramp.



The first thing that would have to happen is the auto companies ceasing to produce gas powered automobiles. Then after that happens you would wait X number of years before all the old gas powered models people own break down. I certaintly hope he's true because it would do our environment some good. Look how fast the technology has grown since 1990. I could definately see eletric cars being mainstream by 2030. If not they will atleast be all hybrid cars.



"all cars sold in America". not all cars driven in America.



Breaking news just in, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk is an ideological idiot.

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