Telava Providing Broadband Bullet 3G Modem Contract-free



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Do you know Which Website update Cricket news?


Cricket Online



i like the idea of this, does anyone know how it would work internationally? im doing study abroad over the summer and $60 per month for unlimited web surfing would be amazing...


Keith E. Whisman

My T-Mobile G1 is tethered to my laptop and it's unlimited. The staff at the T-Mobile store will tell you how to do it and what to download from the Android Market. T-Mobile does have the USB modem and charges $40bucks a month for it with a 5GB limit. I'm not even sure if it's Gigabit or Gigabyte. It makes a world of difference. 5Gigabytes is a whole lot more then 5Gigabits.

Also Cricket has a USB 3G solution that costs 50bucks for the device and $40bucks a month and it to is unlimited. Not alot of people like Cricket but as time goes by the Cricket 3G network improves with everything else and it would seem to be an excellent deal. 



5GB data per month are you serious $50, and $60 for unlimited bandwith.
(hah!) Check this out Data Jack



I'm paying 15$/month for 5 GB (no contract) and using my phone as a modem (via Bluetooth).

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