TechRadar: Samsung Galaxy S2 vs. LG Optimus 3D



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They seemed pretty good 'till I saw the price tags. Over one thousand USD for one, and ~825 for the other? At that price, in this day and age, I would've expected better specs. For one thing, the front facing cameras on both are crap -- 2MP?? 8GB on the Optimus vs a possible 32GB on the S2 in terms of storage is ridiculous. And 1 GHz dual cores -- that's great and all, but Marvell announced a 1.5GHz triple core something like 5 months ago, right?

I commend each phone for their excellent features, but the price range and a few lacking areas make them unattractive at the moment. I'd rather just wait a few months for a better, well-rounded, and cheaper phone.

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