Technically Speaking, Chrome 15 is the World's Most Popular Browser



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I do not use chrome because of google's agressive, trojan-like, installation opt-out installation with other programs. Internet Exploder seems to be slower, and has fewer addons, and I'm quite happy with Firefox 8.0.1.



Were there stats for Chrome 16 when this study was released? I know 16 is the latest build and that Chrome upgrades automatically and silently. 

Kind of curious as to why 15 has a higher market share than 16... Unless this study was conducted before 16 was released...



I looked it up, and yeah these stats were from a few weeks ago actually. Specifically, November 21 - 27. Last week, December 12 - 18, Chrome 15 sat in second with 16.56% and Chrome 16 sat in 5th with 8.41% as the update was being pushed out. So far this week, so just today, Chrome 16 is now in 2nd with 19.21% and Chrome 15 is in 5th with 4.93%. You can expect these stats to change drastically by the end of the week as the majority of remaining Chrome 15 users get updated.

It's quite amazing how efficient Chrome is at updating it's users. Being able to migrate enough users from the previously most used browser version worldwide to a new version within 2 weeks! That is impressive. 




I knew something was wrong when they didn't mention Chrome 16.

I agree, Google's decision on silent upgrades was totally kick-ass. I guess a rapid release schedule sort of entails a smooth upgrade mechanism. 



Although this hasn't really been brought up in the comments. You also need to factor in that IE is pre-installed on every windows computer. So I'd be curious to know how much of it's pull is just from people that don't know that they can (or would want) to use a different browser. I have to use Crome at my work place, and it's been ok, but I much rather use Firefox any day of the week. It has it's issues (Plug-in's take forever and always have to be manually downloaded)  but overally I like Firefox the best. 

Oddly enough, I love Google for just about anything else, but just not really excited about Chrome 



Still can't stand chrome's crappy interface


Holly Golightly

Man, I miss NetScape Navigator. I actually use the NetScape skin for FireFox. Chrome is not cool enough to offer such features, so I do not bother downloading the latest version of Chrome. Plus, the add-ons do not work well on Chrome because there is no true freedom. So I'd much rather stick with FireFox which just works. I honest do not understand the madness over Chrome, or any Google product at that. Anyhow, NetScape rules and lives under FireFox because they are both from the ever so secure Mozilla. Just can't beat that.



While I agree that this article is probably BS because of firefox's strong following, I can honestly say Chrome is fast and efficient. The minimalist design is what appeals to me personally and it is just as secure as Firefox due to the sandbox feature that almost every modern browser uses to keep users safe. Chrome's biggest weakness as you mentioned is customizability, but it is not completely locked down like Apple's Safari. Google is actually doing a great job with adding features while still keeping the interface simple. Firefox is still my choice for setting up my family's computers because it is what they know, but when I am at work or doing research i don't even give a second thought to using anything but Chrome. 



PFFFFTT!  Worlds most POPULAR browser?  Yeah, I think I'm going to call BS on that one.  Firefox easily beats Chrome there hands down, IMO.



If you actually read the article you would realize that Chrome 15 was the world's most popular browser "version" last week. That means Chrome 15 vs Chrome 14, Chrome 13, IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, FF3.6, FF4, FF5, FF6, FF7, FF8.

Chrome 15 had the highest share at 24.55%, then IE8 at 22.16%, and then FF8 at 15.53%. The obvious reason for this is because of Chrome's flawless auto updating process. Chrome automatically updates the browser in the background and then starts up the new version next time you run Chrome. There's never any "do you want to update?" dialogs, "please wait while the newest version is installed" dialogs, UAC prompts, nothing. It's completely seamless, you would never even know that a new version was installed except for any interface changes. All other browser's are very segregated based on version. Look at these two links for a comparison between Chrome version usage to FireFox version usage: 

As you can see, Chrome's version usage from October, 25.5% Chrome 14 and 3.3% Chrome 15, went to 1.6% Chrome 14 and 28.1% Chrome 15 the very next month. Whereas FireFox in October was at 19.8% FF7 and 0.6% FF8, and then went to 11.5% FF7 and 12.7% FF8 the next month.

So I think if this stat shows anything, it's that Chrome has by far the best versioning and updating scheme of all the major browsers. And for that reason, Chrome 15 had the largest market share last week. And if you look at the stats for this week so far, you'll notice that Chrome 15 has dropped to 4.93%. But that's because Chrome 16 was just pushed out and is now sitting at 19.21% just a week later. 



...and? Yes that chrome has so rapidly achieved major market share is impressive.

But Google forces you to autmoatically update to te newest version, so the build number of chrome being "the single most used browser" is nothing more than a bullet point since the vast majority of chrome users use it by default, most of them not even knowing that fact.(I wonder if this number includes chromebooks which are entirely browser?)

I don't care for the ultra minimalist interface in Chrome and switched entirely to Firefox when it went to its 4x interface some time ago. but yes, frankly, despite what M$ claims, you should pretty much use ANY browser that isn't IE.

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