Talk, Text, and Call All You Want on T-Mobile's New $80 'Even More' Plan



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What happens to that deal when the AT&T/T-Mobile acquisition is completed?



Considering AT&T is making T-mobile users buy all new phones for the switch over (scedualed for march 2012 incidentally) they will almost certainly also force you to sign a new contract, meaning a new plan.


Mighty BOB!

I think we all know that if the deal goes through, the plan will be grandfathered in for existing T-Mo customers, then taken to the guillotine a year later, forcing an "upgrade" to a plan that costs more for less.



Doubt it will last that long, as my AT&T plan only lasted 2 months once the Cingular purchase of AT&T was finalized, and then it was raised to over double the price.



I do not see hot T-Mo can say that this is cheaper than Sprints $69 plan for unlimited everything (except anytime minutes). Sprint also gives you free mobile to mobile calling for free, and no data caps or throttling. Yes, there is a $10 "fee" for unlimited data, that Sprint charges, but that was added to avoid a class action lawsuit from their 4G phone users who were paying for a service that they did not have. Now when Sprint kicks Clearwire to the curb, hopefully that fee will go too.

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