Take a Sneak Peek at YouTube's Premium Lineup



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Meh. I just saw the content providers and while some of them seem interesting (TED, IGN, SB Nation), I don't see how these partners will be able to still compete with cable TV or even Hulu. Access to content is still really tough as we shift to a-la carte and always on demand video, and what Solarscreen said about the content owners locking it up is still true in many cases. Youtube is great for certain things, but for watching TV and movies, it ain't even close yet.



Unless they add a lot of more mainstream fare, the line-up of content is the same as what you get from most any other provider - 99% junk.  The major studios are keeping all the good stuff locked away while they scramble to find a way to make huge profits from their content libraries.  While I can't blame them for trying, they may kill interest before a decision can be made. i feel like I'm picking through a landfill looking for a few scraps.




Yeah, if it wasn't for the binding contracts that the movie studios have locked up with cinemas, pay TV and networks, things would be different.  I think the movie studios would love to get most if not all of their content streamed to the internet for the price of an itunes song download.  Hopefully something will give in the near future.

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