Take a Tour of Windows 7: Better Features, Refined Visuals



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If all this doesn't work....... microsoft is gonna have a nice might big comback on it's hands.....hopefully this also just isn't like a service pack on steriods for vista. Hopefully this will actually be a new OS.  not some gimpy upgrade that you can buy everywhere. nevertheless i can't wait for 7. looks siiiiiiiiiiiick!!!


Keith E. Whisman

Well I think you missed a post.. This is a cleaned up and reworked Vista. It's not the latest WinME but close. Not that obvious. It's the same OS it's just been more streamlined and cleaned up and enhanced. It's probably what Vista should have been when it first came out.

Anyone know if the new file system is going to be released with this version? WinFS? 



>Windows 7's gadgets (Slide 3)
no longer insist on taking over the edge of the screen; they can be
dragged around the screen and regular windows can be placed over
gadgets, wherever they are, but everyone knows you can do that in Vista too -fix'd



When did MS decide that people only use computers for audio visual?  there is much better NON computer devices for this purpose.   I got a novel idea....build an OS that runs programs....WOW what a concept!


My old M2N32-SLI deluxe mobo runs wireless all by itself  no clicks at all....gee thx MS  for making yet another effortless task...stupidly kludged up!  XNview  runs better slide shows than anything MS could devise! 

Im glad the task bar has pictures of my running programs in Windows seven....cause i can't read  ;/  

Even lowly Windows 98 and XP can show or hide task bar notifications....what an improvement...not! 

Since they haven't invented a printer yet that can print album covers i fail to see the need for them in any version of media player. 

UAC still wont work...you'll just be able to adjust how badly it functions. 

Thats it..I'm too disgusted to go on.....MS is now an official LOSER!!!!!!!!!!! 


MS read my lips.....ICONS SUCK DOOTIE!  Let the software coders decide what icons to use....cause you dont have a clue.


Dear MS  what does this Icon represent?    Æ©¶    you see the point...YET?    




 Ok dude, I think it's time you move on to a different OS, or just stick with Windows XP or Windows 98 as you seem to be so happy with them. You remind me of one of the old guys that I work with that hates anything made after 1952 because it's "too new" and "useless" or "crap". If you really hate Windows that much, then might I suggest packing your bags and moving over to camp Apple. Or hey, if you don't want to leave the world of PC, then move to Linux and stop your bitching.

Multimedia is becoming a major use for computers, and as such, Microsoft is going to cater to that. If you use your computer for something else (as a lot of us do) then that's wonderful. I do video editing on my desktop, and listen to music. I surf the net and play games. Oh, and I also watch TV on my computer or my HTPC. And as computers are becoming more and more the centre of people's multimedia world, it makes sense to include features and such to take advantage of that.

I find that the taskbar thumbnails really help. Especially if there are a number of apps running at the same time, I can also check-up on certain apps performing certain functions, such as encoding video or audio, ripping *ahem* I mean archiving DVD's, installing games or apps. It saves a lot of time, when I can just hover my mouse over a taskbar button and see what the app is doing, rather than maximizing a window, and then minimizing it again.

It's nice to have album art in media player. Espically if you stream your music to another room. With the majority of my music on my desktop, it gets streamed to my HTPC, and I can browse the albums based on the cover, which, IMHO, takes less time than reading a title, as I already know what the cover for each album looks like.

If you hate icons so much, and love to read, then maybe you should switch to Linux and run it sans-GUI (aka command line only). I'm sure you'd be much happier.


-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-



It looks very pretty, but I've been hurt by pretty OS's before.


Keith E. Whisman

This is all very interesting. Will Microsoft be providing just two versions this time I hope? A home version and Pro version? Please not the same mess that we got with Vista. And please don't try to sell us a 400dollar os. Nobody in their right mind is going to pay that much. And please give us a little more of a liberal license so the OS doesn't stop working just because I'm upgrading a key part of my system. Also please don't include DRM in the OS from the start. The very idea pissed so many people off so badly they refused to even give Vista the light of day.

Also please integrate a 3d desktop system with a virtual desktop system like you get in Linux including the Vitual desktops in the Android G1 Google phone that I love.

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