Take a Look under the Hood of Your Favorite Web Browser



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Perplexing Man

How about looking into other browsers like say Avant Browser. I have been using this one for about 5 years now and tend to prefer this over all others. I have IE which I never use and Firefox which i use on occasion. As for opera (not been a user since I found Avant) and I was not impress by either Safari or Chrome ( although i believe Chrome has potential). I would like to know if anyone at MaxPC has ever tried or for that matter ever heard of Avant Browser?


Keith E. Whisman

Actually Avant Browser is built on top of Internet Explorer or at least it uses the same rendering engine. So essentially it's just as speedy and has the same website rendering capabilities. It just has added features and a different look.



I've seen it on sites like Filehippo, And I think it's a nice browser, Although I've never used it, Looks good.



I'd like to see anyone other then IE win this war. I mean, For IE8 Microsoft isn't going to be doing anything dramatic, And I read that they're actually not even going to be working on speed. But more on functionality. I also hope that more websites will be more compatible with other browsers other then IE. Opera is my favorite out of all of them, Simply because it's fast, And low on memory. And I can careless about Firefox. Just not my thing. As for Safari, I used it once, And just didn't like it. I guess that my thing is that I like to root for the underdog (Opera). I mean come on, Even their BETA went as a whisper. But when FF3 Came out it created an uproar. Lol

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