Taiwan To Fine Bloggers Who Make False Claims About Products



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    Some Background


OP, here is some background that I know of about the blogger culture and the product reviews they are involved with. Hopefully u'll get a understanding of the possible scale of the matter and why it may be neccessary for taiwan government to impose laws to regulate. 

Basically, the blogger culture in Taiwan serves much more like a social network than the west that I am aware of. Espcially when facebook had not yet taken off in Taiwan. Basically they got these blog portals, which help blogger be connected among other bloggers. The portal would provide headlines of popular bloggers' postings such  as their thoughts on food, clothings, best places for vacations, the cosmetic products or photo alums (if they are cute/hot) . etc etc. 

Those blogs started off as just like any of blogs out there we see, with people just sharing their daily life events, thoughts, news, and showing off the new stuff they bought (hence product reviews) etc without the intention of profiting from it. It is not hard to imagine that you whould get some bloggers who are very materalistic and would spend a lot of money buying stuff, and share their view on their blogs. Then you start to have some bloggers increasingly becoming very popular (mostly girls) creating royal fan bases. Some even got popular enough that they would be invited to appear on TV shows (again mostly girls).

As those bloggers provided more and more reviews of products that they bought and tried (mostly fashion items and cosmetics) to their royal fan bases, who would almost believe everthing the bloggers have to say about their experience of the products, companies started to take advantages of that. And the rest is not hard to imagine. When money is involved, shit happens. 




nice summary - this really does help

since reviews in the west are normally site based at the retailer or in the forum - there is less emphasis on going to a Blog. (hmm would max pc count as a blog i wonder?).

could be why we see less of it here



one simple rule.


I dont trust any site alone.  I prefer "matter of fact" numbers on products, with clear explainations of how tests where carried out.

Anytime I see a review that says "This is great!" I think its a paid review.  Maybe I am a grumpy old man, but I mainly only go back and review something if I have a problem.

Kinda like torrents.   If I see 2000 purchases, and 3 reviews where it says "I can't get it to work" chances are its so awesome, everyone is too busy enjoying the product  to come back and help the noobs or make negitive comments

2000 purchases and 250 "This causes X error and I had to ABC to fix, or RMA" and 500 "hey this is perfect just works great" thats a bad sign

5 purchases and 50 reviews "OMG this completes me" is really a red flag

Rule of thumb, Google "%product name% problem"  or  "%product name% rma" will normaly find all the dirty secrets about something. 

This habbit will pretty much make you never want to buy anything too.


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