Tabula Rasa: The End is Nigh



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It's too bad really. I think the SciFi premise of the game was very interesting, but it just got put together poorly; I got bored after just a couple hours. Very dissapointing.



Well... ok. Never even got around to installing Wine on my Ubuntu box to test the game out.



They already tried it out and failed. Now can they PLEASE put out the source code, models, textures, sounds, videos, etc as open source objects? If they are going to use the source code for something else, or if they can't make it open source because they didn't make it, can they at least make the game un-illegal to download, share, and modify? People can host their own server, distribute the game, and postpone its death. It's worked with other games before, why not this?



And its nice to see that they're really giving their user base a going out party, but, sadly... I did not find it fun for the life of me. *sad face*, oh well, Star Wars The Old Republic and or Jumpgate Evolution here we come :D.



Tabula Rasa was a terrible game :3

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