Tabula Rasa Shutting Down, NCsoft Offering Free Goodies as Consolation



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its to bad it didn't make it.  i just out shopping for xmas and  stores are still selling the game. it would suck to get it for xmas  and  have it shut down a month after starting .




Maybe NCsoft will release the server files for private hosting after the shutdown. That would be awesome. I would definitely play again.



How can Sony run multiple MMOs with a much smaller player base at a profit. Why invest time into NCSoft MMOs when they aren't willing to make a commitment to keep them running. Remember Auto Assult? They seem to be able to run Guild Wars without a subscription. Tabula Rasa could run on a minimum subscription model with limited support. ($5) The game could even be modified to run as a desktop standalone game. The initial investment with the story, art, and coding is already done, what a waste of a truely fantastic game. Give me the source code and I will make a standalone product and a free subscription model. A standalone version can be coded easily as a server side virtual machine. Tabula Rasa is a beautiful, fun, and well written game. The real problems were with the user chat, teaming, and lack of depth. The lack of depth isn't related to content. They had a very simple crafting system that worked well. The auction system timed out in 3 days and wasn't deep enough to give you a sense of ownership. Look at Star Wars where you have your own vendors and can apply a description to each product. In reality adding more depth can be as simple as a few database fields. The user interface needed another row of weapon slots.

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Die? Really?


Lininage 2 and City of Spandex don't seem to be dead...

Oh and isnt Auto Assult still live but free?



Codemasters just shut down RF Online also. I know it didn't have a huge fan base but it was one of the better free MMO's.


Keith E. Whisman

I don't think they will be getting rid of anyone over this. The way it sounds they have more games coming so they still have work to do. I'm sure they don't dedicate employees to just one product since it's online I'm sure those employees multitask and handle a few products at the same time to make it more cost efficient.



Sorry I didn't clarify further; lay-offs have been confirmed. However, NCsoft is unable to confirm the number of people who will lose their jobs. Hopefully the number won't be too large, but with NCsoft in the shape it is, I'm not optimistic.


Keith E. Whisman

Man that sucks... Perhaps they are starting to get people to multitask then.... LOL.. That really sucks though. Thanks for the Article. It really is a terrible time to be unemployed. I'll pray for them. 

I've never been much of an mmorpg player. I do like Multiplayer FPS's though. I hope they keep their chins up and stay positive. 

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