Tabula Rasa Adding First-Person Viewpoint in Update



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Um, is that a pic of the first person view or what? Because it's terrible. Maybe it's in the vehicle. But still, what a crazy waste of screen real estate. Whoever designed that should be hit with a bag of nickels. Scratch that, whoever APPROVED that should be hit with a bag of nickels.



I don't understand one single thing about this article. Maybe if I knew what Tabula Rasa was....



It's a sci-fi MMORPG that came out over a year ago.  I started playing it remembering how much I liked the orginal Ultima series (by richard gariott, same guy) but was very very unimpressed.

One of my major complaints was the lack of a first person perspective, but sadly this isn't nearly enough to  persuade me to come back.

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