Tablet PC Shipments Might Leapfrog Desktops in 2013



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Hey MPC, how about making it impossible to post any URLs at all. That would kill off some of the spammers. Really, why do any of us ever need to be able to post a URL in a comment anyway?



Really wish that MaxPC would stop running articles like this. Tablets may find a SLOT in the market, and they may cannibalize some of the PC's sales, but the way they keep running posts that imply, "Oh, the PC is done for!" is getting more than a little annoying....

Seriously guys, your opinion has been established--you don't need to keep recycling the exact same thing over and over again.



Tablets, the new netbooks. Underpowered, overpriced, and too small to do much with. When the market get saturated enough, this whole fad will fade very quickly. and yeah, I own one.

Smart phones have much more staying power as they are more portable and do the communications thing a lot better.




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Let's face it, most of us will replace a tablet (or a smart phone) far more often than a PC. I tend to upgrade my PC every year or so but I only actually replace it (in my case build a totally new one) about every three years.
Tablets and PC's are different and making a direct comparison is like saying "I buy milk more often than expensive wine".



Compelling analogy - milk vs wine. Thanks!



I agree.

I don't really get why some pundits have to try to compare tablets and PCs. Are they computers? Sure, but so is the little device that keeps your modern car running right.

I'm not sure why MaximumPC feeds into the tablet hype by passing these goofy reports along.




Or should I say roller-skates?



It's like saying that bikes sell better than cars!



Tablets are the new hotness right now, but people are going to eventually realize that iOS or Android is not going to cut it for productivity. People are going to want full-featured operating systems if the switch to tablets is ever going to happen. Ubuntu has a cool docking solution with Android and Microsoft is obviously developing Windows 8 for tablets. I think that's where the future is. Everything else is really just a toy.

It's going to take a while for the hoards of drooling consumers to come around. It always does. For them it's more about the fad than the practicality of it all. And that's fine, but it could be so much better.



By that statement you'd think people are actually productive on their PCs. When fact they're not, and everything they do on their PCs can be done just as easy or easier on a tablet.

That being said there will always be a place for the PC, though I think in many places their role will change. I believe more and more PCs will be used more like servers.I know that is basically how I use my tablet.



I'm at work right now with 20 tabs open in Firefox. Ranging from Technet articles to Facebook, Outlook, System Center Config Manager, 4 industry-specific apps which aren't even going to be developed for an OS other than Windows.

I would hardly call myself the most productive person at my company. I'd hate to see the hurting they would put on your tablets. Keep dreaming.

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