T-Mobile's Unlimited 4G Data Plan is the Real Deal



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Oh please T-Mobile... yet another phony (or should i say phone-ee) scam to suck in more victims that you can injest and sheet out like fertilizer.

I've been with these ayholio's for 10 years and they chucking suck. But everyone in the business chucking sucks, so there's nothing you can do but pick an ayholio and eat sheet.

I pay $170 a month for 2 phones... that's a chucking car payment for a lot of people. And I also pay that for cable, almost the exact same amount. So $340/mo for 2 phones and cable... what an insane chucking rip off. Thank gawd I'm a six-figga-nigga or I'd never pay for this chucking garbage.



Everyone should read their fine print. You have Unlimited Data but after you hit the data cap you have set your speed gets reduced.

Here is a brief excerpt from their data calculator
"Recommended service:

Unlimited – Ultra
No overages!
Up to 10 GB of high-speed data/month; speed reduced after 10 GB.
Great plan for enjoying HD entertainment, games, and music."



As usual, the fine print kills it.

No tethering.



The old adage about "if something seems to good to be true" is blaring in my head when I read this article. I'll be waiting to see "the other shoe drop". Seems to me this can't be a long term offer, given the histories of cell carrier customer relations.



Funny I have had a truely unlimited plan with them for like 4 or 5 years now, when ever they released the G1. They have tried to get me to switch and I have not.



Too bad their service is abysmal in some areas. Unlimited data, yea, but at 2G speeds? Nah.

I live in Mississippi, and Verizon has rolled out LTE in both my college town and my hometown, which are pretty much the last places you'd ever expect to see something cool roll out. My hometown is in BFE with nothing going for it at all, and it has LTE. I can hate on Verizon's business practices and prices all day long, but their service is untouchable. It's like an abusive relationship.



*laughs* wow, you seriously amused me there (I'm not being sarcastic).



It's unlimited until they say it's not.



I just read the most intelligent post on this whole thread (apart from my own of course). You are correctomundo.



Another thing is that if you use too much data, they WILL throttle you down to a crawl.


Joe The Plummer

You're missing one huge caveat. This is phone only data. You cannot use your phone as a mobile hotspot with this data plan.



Do you have plumbers crack?

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