T-Mobile to Slash Workforce, Close Down Call Centers



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I suppose this only goes to prove that you grow as a company by f*cking your customers rather then serving them.



Like a merger has ever CREATED jobs. One of the reasons for a merger is to eliminate all those "duplicate job functions". No, T-mobile employees will be better off in the long run if they can keep the business going.



@versak i use to be a t-mobile CS and can tell you the CS at my location for TM were garbage half the time if they wernt swearing at customers they were not bothered to help the customers properly and this seemed to be a normal and acceptable thing as they never got in trouble or fired. mind you that was at a call center in ontario canada that also housed the call center for lowe's as well as a few other major retail stores in the states. then we had comcast call center across the road from us.



I wish T-Mobile success and I hope they don't merge with AT&T. T-Mobile has popular "pay-as-you-go" plans coupled with some alternative premium smartphones that other major carriers don't offer at the moment.



Thanks so much, antitrust! Because of you, AT&T's service still sucks and now T-Mobile's going away anyway! You're so useful!



I've been a T-mobile customer for a long time and one of my favorite things about them is that they have had very good customer service when you call. The employees that I've spoken with over the years have been knowledgeable, polite, well spoken, patient, kind and helpful. In a time when most customer service is either automated [frustrating] or outsourced overseas [language barrier], its very sad to see the one company that is doing it right abandoning it.

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