T-Mobile Offering Cheap Prepaid Service Through Walmart



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More than just consider it, I bought an Optimus V, signed up for Virgin's 25$/mo unlimited txt/data 300 minutes and I am golden ! Yes canucks get screwed land and air lines no doubt aboot it. What ever happened to Fido?



Same one I got.  Perfect plan for those that want a phone for emergencies.



whoa, I just broke my double post virginity accidentally.



I wish I took the chance while it was still $25 (it went up to $35, U.S. anyways). Does anyone in here (in the U.S.) know if theres a data cap or throttling on Virgins $35 plan? Unlimited text and data (witrh no data cap/throttling) is all I care about on a prepaid. Thanks in advance whoever answers.



Virgin Mobile does not throttle your data, or cap you in any way.  That may change in the future if Sprint decides to inforce a data cap or throttle system, but at least for now both are truely unlimited.



I have to laugh a little when us Canadian readers see stuff like this. In Canada overages are just a little bit worse than a dime a minute...  assuming you can manage to stay within the 500mb + 200 anytime minutes with Bell Canada whose overages are charged at $0.45 per minute or if you are unlucky enough to exceed their data cap its a NICKEL a MEG... (for those of you who dont love math.. thats $50 per gig of overages) This is just a basic example of how bad we get ripped off up here. I used to work for T-Mobile and DROOL over their plans ! a 3 gb data plan just to let you know starts at $100 with Bell.ca with NO option for throttling and in most cases no option to monitor your own usage (like the #MIN# send that T-mobile uses to check minutes)

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