T-Mobile to Offer Tethering November 3 for $15 a Month



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"No official T-Mobile phones come with tethering built in"

The US HD2 stock comes with tethering built in through their native "Internet Sharing" tool. Whether or not the unlimited data plan I and others have official supports it may be questionable (I'd have to double-check), but the device itself has the capability officially included.



This is why I give up the massive subisdies for "renting" handsets and actually own my own handset.  Nobody can tell me what services I can and can't run, or force me to pay more for the same service.  I do have to give T-Mo credit for offering the lower rates and no contract plan for using your own phone though.  That was something that was much needed.

Still doesn't excuse this B.S. about lying about caps and charging more for things your phone does on its own.



Wow, nothing like paying extra for what you phone can already do. The mobile phone industry is horrid.



It's absolutely bullshit that I can't use the tethering feature of my phone without paying a ridiculous monthly fee. And it's not something like five or ten dollars on top of my UNLIMITED plan, but a whopping $30. Part of the reason why I bought the phone I did was so that I could have internet access when I travel, but there's no way in hell I'm paying that much for what I should already have. I don't fully understand the warranty implications of jailbreaking, but it's sounding more and more worth it every time I think of how much these companies get away with screwing consumers. 



I could not agree more. This is why people root their phones. They get access to features that are ALREADY THERE. I have tethered my Droid many-a-time.

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