T-Mobile G2 Up for Pre-order Friday, Launching October 6th



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this is an awsome upgrade for me since i am still using my g1 and I always play emulator games like Nesoid and all the rest on it, it can be pretty good exept for the ps1 emulators like marvel vs capcon lol but hey its a g1 the first of its kind.

so i am just here waiting till I get to have one and see if its ether as good or better then the galaxy s phone in gaming.  



So Google's not going to try to sell this online, like they did with the failed selling attempt of the G1.



I will definitely be getting this phone when it comes time to upgrade my contract. I had the G1, and while the funky slide mechanisms didn't always garner positive reviews, I think it's sort of a halmark of the "G#" now.



will be pre-ordering and upgrading from G1

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