T-Mobile G1 Leaves Retail, Fare Thee Well or Good Riddance?



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I got the G1 as a upgrade to the T-mobile MDA which I got replaced another classic, the Treo 600.  It also marked the step from Edge to 3G that was long coming on T-mobiles part.  The G1 being the 1st Android OS phone was still less buggy than others and I maybe missed alot of issues mine only had minimal lock ups.  Active-sync thankfully dead.  Google has gone Apple-ish with the OS upgrades I personally doubt it but thats for future articles and may happen As for right now  2.0 would put a whole in performance of the G1.  Love G1 and HTC marriage and I still will run it till it dies under the abuse I give it.   T-mobile has awesome reception here and Ive used them since Voice stream I mock the poor ATT&T and Verizon folk here no bars or oversold network in the middle of Colorado.  



"As for right now  2.0 would put a whole in performance of the G1" what?

I don't that word means what you think it means.

I know a number of people running Android 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2 on a G1 (CyanogenMod) and the performance hit is not as major as you think it is.



I had a G1. Was my first android handset as well. Canada just got them last summer (under the name Dream). I too loved the phone, and had rooted it with Cyanogen. But then Rogers turned around and released a mandatory (at the time) update to fix a 911 issue. After that, I never had the same success as I did when I first got it. Dropping data, and phone calls. Rogers offered me the HTC Magic (I believe it's also known as the MyTouch3g).

I've since sold my G1 to a friend of mine from the States, who is currently using it on AT&T and is loving the phone. Since it's a Canadian release, it's not crippled by AT&T's crap. Not to mention, since the DroidX was hacked and made rootable, so too has the G1 again (from Rogers).

I'll always remember back to when I first got my hands on my G1. I was in awe at it's potetional and abilities. I've fallen head over heels for Android and will never sway from them. The platform has a lot to offer to users, and I think will only get better with time. Espeically since the modding community is also involved.

What would be nice however, is for a handset manufacturer to release an Android handset that has modders in mind. Not locked to anything weird, and comes ready to root should you want to.



I'm with you on this one. I bought the G1 two years ago October 19th. I was with Verizon before that and was happy with the reception but at the time Verizon was dragging it's feet releasing a smartphone and damn it I wanted one but was unwilling to join the iPhone/ATT parade. So I bolted for T-Mobile. Mistake. I'm heading back to Verizon.

The G1 is okay and all but it never got the love that it deserved and Cyanogen proved that it could be made to work properly with a little work.  Billed as the answer to the iPhone it always lagged the competition and was back-burnered as soon something newer and cooler hit the market. But the phone has serviced me okay save for the intermittent lockups, lack of software (at first) and occasional email glitch.

Once I make the change I'll throw it in the drawer right next to my Timex-Sinclair.





I was at a Macy's at the jewelery department last summer, and this one lady forgot her G1 on the glass counter. She was already a good 50 feet away too. But I realized the phone was so ugly, I decided to run after her and give her back her phone...lol.



Love my G1, really can't say the same about T-Mobile. Once my contact is up, I'll be retiring my G1. Most likely I'll keep it under glass as a reminder of one of the best phones that I owned. I'll be moving to Verizon and what ever new Android Phone hits the market in the next six months.



Be sure you know what you're getting into at Verizon.  They will pick your bones clean if you try to terminate early.



I had the G1 and it wasn't so bad.  Was a nice phone for what it was at the time.  The reason why I "had" a G1 is because I forgot it on my covered porch and a storm came through while I was working outside.  Needless to say the phone was ruined.  I now have the HTC Aria (ATT) which is basically the same exact phone as the Droid Incredible (Verizon).  This is a SWEET phone.  Kicks the G1's ass for sure.



well... not quite the same as the incredible. Smaller screen, much lower res and slower proc to start. I'm sure not a bad phone, just seems to be more like the htc HD mini.

@OP: Never owned a g1. Am happy w/ android though. Verizon is also solid. Been with them for 10 years now w/ nary an issue. Always have good phone choices.

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