T-Mobile Answers Your Frequently Asked Questions (about the Merger)



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The real question will in blend?

Despite Red Flags, T-Mobile Sale Should Receive Green Light
Read more: http://www.foxbusiness.com/technology/2011/03/21/despite-antitrust-worries-t-mobile-sale-receive-green-light/#ixzz1HGrJKqdkWow never see that happening....lol...bunch of BS.



Can it run crysis?



And here it begins.

AT&T: T-Mobile 3G phones will need to be replaced




I hate att even more now!

There probably wont be any great phones anymore like the g2, nexus s, and mytouch 4g. With all of that put in the side you know the first thing there going to want to do is

take our unlimited T-mobile plans away! =-(



I've been on T-Mo and an iFone for three years.  I really loathe ATandT.  I will likely jump ship.  I cannot be a customer of theirs.

Plans will likely be grandfathered in, for those that care to stay and do not make any changes to said plans.  I am just disappointed to see that it's not so hard for them to rebuild a monopoly after being broken up thirty years ago.

I would like to see this merger stopped.

MPC - Lose the "Publish to Facebook" ticbox.






Wow....the most important questions is the iphone. Who gives a flying f***. Unfortunately if this goes through the selection of the android phones will fall  since ATT is so far up Apples A** they are wearing them as a skin. I hope this does not get approved but our government use a rubber stamp for approvals these days. What's next Verizon buys Metro PCS or Sprint. This is bad news anyway you look at it...ATT can never be trusted.



Want an idea of what happens when AT&T buys up another company?  Ask anyone who had Centennial Wireless.  I feel bad for the T-Mobile customers who are likely going to suffer if this goes through.



"...T-Mobile put together a list of frequently asked questions, including the one that's on every T-Mobile subscriber's mind: Will T-Mobile be getting an iPhone?"

Weird, what was on my mind was how the merger affects us current t-mobile customers concerning rates, plans, and coverage, not whether we get an iphone, I could care less.  I'm also concerned whether att will carry over their hostility towards Android over to t-mobile, if the merger goes through.



That's what we need.  Consolidate even more wireless carriers into one in order to drive up already highly overspriced wireless plans.  Because I enjoy paying $150 a month for a basic family plan.  The FCC would have to be retarded to approve this and if they do it just shows they are in AT&ts pocket like most other government officials. 

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