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While I too hated the ribbon interface to start with, I love it now.  I can't wait for the entire OS to be ribbon. 

However, I am probably what you'd call a "power user" so I use the keyboard and applicable shortcuts more than the mouse anyway.  Windows 7 added many useful keyboard shortcuts, and I'm hoping they add even more to future versions.



I love the ribbon in office 2010, and the native apps in win 7. I personally find them easier to navigate when you combine the ability to hide them and gain screen real estate, they are win, win.  What I really want to see in Windows 8 is three simple things.

1. A real dock for applications, I want something along the lines of Rocketdock. Not the taskbar dock of windows seven.

2. Integrate security essentials into the OS, hell anyone with half a brain is using it already,

3. Virtual desktops like compize cube in Linux. I want a 3d desktop cube that rotates on my windows (that actually works).

Why, oh, why can't Microsoft make windows cool, well like the way I have customized mine? I don't know why osx and apple are thought of as cool. Steve Jobs' has done more to suppress outside innovation than Bill ever did.

So please MS I beg you get some cool on, aero and seven were great start, but there is much cool to do.




It's really sad to see all the ribbon's hate. IMHO i dislike the ribbon at 1st, and then I love it once I finally understand what it does to help. It's mean to create a UI that the user doesn’t have to remember all the functions, but it's very easy to find a function you rarely use when you need it. It seems a lot of user misunderstands how to use the new UI, or give up on it already before they take a real look at it. You can in fact setup a custom "tab" to include all the always use features. But I really don't feel the need of setup a custom tab myself, I know I could find feature without much trouble. You can double click to make the toolbar disappear, and you only need to see it when you click the tabs. In simple words, the ribbon is the menu+toolbar at the same time. I find myself enjoy using ribbon a lot, since I don't have to be good in memory in order to use all the software features. Sometime i simply find features that I never know it's there in since the older version of the same software. I hope more ppl love the ribbon, but I guess that's nothing I can do about it. Just one last question, are you sure it's the UI design sucks? or you would rather computer UI never change so you always feel comfortable with it?




I'm not too fond of the ribbon UI myself, but I'm willing to work with it. In some cases, it does make it easier for other people to access some of the more obscure functions of Office, but it's also done at a detriment to existing users and power users. They've remapped the menu and have changed the terms for some of the things I've come to expect to find in Office. Furthermore, alot of the keyboard commands I used to use in Excel, Powerpoint, Access, etc. either don't work or they activate some completely different other thing that I don't need.

My take on the UI: The ribbon groups commonly used commands together to facilitate easier access to users and that can help speed up workflow, but at the expense of the familiarity that people have come to known over the last 15 years of MS's Office suite which is going to throw a lot of people off.



If Microsoft does not give traditional/classic interface as a option of final build, I won't have to worry about it.  I will not buy another copy of Windows and will convert the four computers of this house to Linux where choice is an option.



I-- I'm not even sure I know what ribbons are, but I clearly want more of it!



I don't like the ribbon on the office products. And I CERTAINLY will ditch the OS if it becomes the defacto interface. If Microsoft comes up with a way for users to use (what will soon be called) the classic mode for all it's products I will reconsider. For me it is a waist of screen real-estate waste of clicks and a waste of time.



I like the ribbon, the only thing that should change is that it should be vertical, rather than horizontal. All the real estate on the side of widescreen monitors is wasted, especially when editing documents.



I'm glad to see others hate the ribbon as much as I do. It's a waste of space and makes it impossible to find things or takes 10 clicks to get to instead of 1. At least make them customizable like the toolbars in office 2003! If windows 8 doesn't have a way to turn this off, I literally will defect to iOS or Linux, and only use windows for gaming.



I have no problem with Microsoft using the Ribbon interface for Windows 8, so long as there is an option to turn it off. Otherwise, if that becomes the default interface and there is no option for using the classic menu system, then I'll stick with Windows 7 until enough people complain and Microsoft patches 8 and puts the classic menus back in.



Why do the continue to resist using Windows Phone 7 as a tablet UI? Sure, it needs some tweeks, but it's the logical choice, as an interface that was designed from the ground up for a touchscreen. And it would look great. I like the Zune HD/WP7 design asthetic. I'm not sure I'd buy a tablet with regular Windows on it. I guess I'd have to see it in action, but I have a feeling that Android will work better.



Personally, I think Microsoft should build a base Win8 and then from there branch off for desktop/laptop and tablet. Just have Windows 8 Tablet edition, and then Windows 8 Home, Pro and Ultimate.

That way we don't have to deal with the tablet based stuff in a desktop OS



Let's take this a step further.

Microsoft should break the OS from the GUI.  You buy Windows 8 base OS and a GUI, or all of the GUIs (desktop, tablet, phone, whatever).

You can freely switch between the different GUIs.  Why?  For the hell of it.

This would allow MS to update the base OS as needed (every 3 years, or 4 - whatever floats their boat) and update the GUI on a different schedule.  This would make it easier for them to keep up with major market shifts as we're seeing with iOS and Android.

It would also open a whole crap load of new APIs for new 3rd party software, which would help MS continue to maintain marketshare by offering more choice, more options, and more reason to develop on the MS platform.

I'm sure device makers would come up with some interesting products if they had the freedom to experiment with different GUIs for their devices.



I'd be fine with ribbons.. IF I COULD FIND WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR. Making me search for a half hour for something that was 3 simple clicks in Word 2003 (usually something to do with formatting) is not more accessible. (Actually the only specific example I can really think of right now is in PowerPoint 2007, trying to insert a custom sound clip took me an hour because you have to add it in as an animation instead of a sound clip.)



Ribbons are for idiots.  Give us another option MS.



Defect to iOS, not likely. Linux maybe, but definitely not iOS.


Publish to facebook should be opt-in, not opt-out.


Mighty BOB!

It probably won't survive beta, in which case, screw you Microsoft.



OMG please no.  Not the #1 destroyer of Office Productivity since the beginning of the PC.


That !@#%!@#$ Ribbon Bar system.


I am 100% convinced Microsoft performs ZERO useability studies on it's interfaces.



I like it better as a writer myself :)

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